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WoLF: Ivar Application by CXCR WoLF: Ivar Application by CXCR
You thought it would be the black guy I did earlier, didn't you :la: but no, not yet, maybe next time. x)
you probably also thought his name would be Ivan, but no, decided with something different x)

Character for :iconwolvesoflunarforest:
It says that there's still time so I hope I can make it >_>

EDIT - 18 July 2016:

WoLF: Ivar Stamp by CXCR
:: I D E N T I T Y ::

Name: Ivar
        *Meaning: Archer or Archer's Bow
        *Alias(es): Ivar, Var, "Ivy" (rarely)
Gender: Male
Age: Adult

Height: 39"
Weight: 165 lbs

Voice:  Misha Collins -…;
        *Mannerisms: Involuntary breaks in mid-sentence and between longer words. it's not often, but it happens sometimes.

Bloodline/s: 25% Valley Bloodline / 75% Forest Steppe Bloodline

Physical Description: Of two bloodlines that both tend to get very large, one in which the male individual is larger. This leaves him tall and somewhat lanky, but still also surprisingly bulky and well muscled. With somewhat thick limbs, a variety of greys (warm), blacks, cream and some red toned colours in the fur. 

Pack or Guild: Onni
    Rank: Tier 0

:: P E R S O N A L I T Y ::

Traits: :bulletgreen: Intuitive :bulletgreen: Intelligent :bulletgreen: Independent :bulletred: Scheming :bulletred: Manipulative :bulletred: Unpredictable

In Depth: Ivar is an intelligent and intuitive wolf, usually willing to learn and be around others, seemingly interested in how they're dealing with their existense, dealing with other things, be it prey or strangers, you name it. He is usually good at seeing through people, telling their true intentions, though as many times as he may be right, he can just as well be wrong, and make mistakes, because let's face it, everybody makes mistakes. He is mentally strong and not easily tricked or decieved himself, being fairly strong, he can and knows how to defend himself against most anybody. He's smart enough not to trespass into other territories or leave the pack territory on his own, though he sometimes may seem to be 'pushing' or 'trying' his luck on that matter.

However, as good as Ivar is, he can be just as bad. He's got some ideas himself, as to how the world works or at the very least is supposed to work, and is sometimes, more than willing to try and implement his own ideas into the minds of others, seeing just how far he can get the others. However, if caught in the middle of doing such atrocities, he is likely to abandon them, waiting until it's safe to try again and ones eventual problems and disputes has subsided. Thanks to his intelligence and intuition, he is somewhat manipulative, and seems to have a knack for telling who's easier to win over than others, and appears to pick his targets just from that.

He is somewhat scheming, meaning that he is more likely to make secret plans, that could be just about anything. Plans that are unlikely to be shared with anyone, except those that happens to be loyal friends of his, wolves that are unlikely to let the secrets out to those that are not supposed to know. He is very good at hiding such, and is very unlikely to give away his true intentions or plans himself.

Lastly, he is unpredictable, some of the time anyway. As collected as he usually is, he has his bad days where he just isn't himself, and appears more unpredictable than others. Giving in to things such as anger and frustration, and thus acting from that. That means he can lash out, take off or whatever. However, as prooved with his body and the lack of scars, he is more likely to be the one to run away or give up on fights, or just avoid them all together.

:: H I S T O R Y ::

Pre-Group History: 
Ivar was born in a small pack, in a strange territory, god knows how far away from the Lunar Wildlife Sanctuary, and subject to lead a more dangerous and unprotected life, than wolves and animals living in parks or sanctuaries already. The pack Ivar was born in wasn't of any significance to anyone, and appeared to be a nomadic pack some of the time, only settling at one place whenever one or more females had pups to take care of, and in those cases, the breaks between travelling, was to spare the pups from the stress of constantly being on the move, until they surely were able to handle it.

Ivar's father was a darker wolf, while his mother was a lighter (warmer) wolf, creating a diversity in the colours of the pups. Ivar was the largest of the pups in his litter, and the one that was percieved as more capable, to survive and thrive, and like that, he was favorited by his father, and a number of the other wolves of the pack. The pack had bigger and more serious expectations to him, and expected him to be able to do just about anything, with little to no problems. However, did he fail at something, he was encouraged to retry and get it done right, often recieving more praise than what was necessary for the deed he had done.

Ivar wasn't one to complain about his life, actually quite the contrary. He liked how his life was going, and was quite accustomed to the way of the pack life, and the packs traditions. Actively participating in both hunts and other pack activities. Life seemed to be going well for the wolves, well, at least until that one day...

Everything was more quiet than normal on that particular day. The birds weren't chirping and there was a severe tension in the area, which seemed to have grabbed hold of all of the areas animal lives, and not just the wolves. Prey items were on edge, other predators were on edge, even the wolves themselves appeared to be on edge, against others, as well as each others, seeming to be fearful and uncertain about everything. Everybody tried to hide their feelings, their tension, everything, including Ivar. However, everybody seemed to be doing a horrible job at just that.

There was a strange smell in the area, one which some of the wolves, Ivar included, had never smelled before, but also one that the older wolves of the pack, seemed to be unhappy and fearful about. It didn't smell like any of the regular prey items, and the tracks that these creatures had left, were far different than anything Ivar had ever seen before. Eventually Ivar and a couple of his siblings strayed from the pack, wanting to investigate the area that seemed to have been infected with this strange new animal. The silence was unnerving, and then suddenly, it was broken, by a loud sound, reminding of a more intensified type of thunder, sharply followed by the whimper of one of the other wolves, as it suddenly fell to the ground, gasping for air whilst whimpering and trying to get up again, while the ground beneath it was slowly changing colour.

As Ivar turned his head to look, another of those sounds where heard and yet another wolf fell, before being able to tell what was even happening, and Ivar looked around, the sun suddenly giving away the position of these strange creatures, though they seemed to be far away. At the glimpes of light was caught as a reflection, which he knew from only water, he took off, just avoiding a small thing, that flew right by him, after having been summoned by the loud noise from before. Ivar did not know what it was, but he had just seen enough to know, that this thing meant danger, that it brought death.

He darted away from the area, and even when he was getting exhausted, he refused to stop. He needed to get away, and to get back to the rest of the pack, and inform them of these creatures, and what they had brought and been responsible for. He constantly switched between leaping, running and jumping. Frantically dodging debris, passing over logs and rocks, making his way through the area. Upon reaching the lake inside the territory, he stopped briefly, gasping for air, clearly exhausted. He needed water before continueing his quest. However, as he was stepping towards the water, a sharp pain shot through him, and he turned to bite in the direction, of which he assumed he'd been attacked, though nothing was there. He was instantly cconfused, this pain hadn't been introduced with a bang like the others that had claimed the lifes of his brother and sister. He turned his head as much as possible, to look at where tha pain had arrived, spotting a wierd thing, with what seemed to be feathers at the end, he went to bite at it, but lost the control of his legs, leading to him stumbling down.

His head was getting heavy and his vision was blurring out, making it harder for him to tell what was what of his surroundings. The sound was suddenly broken by a roar, first low but soon loud, a roar so loud that even the grass around him seemed to abide by it, and his blurred gaze went towards the sound, spotting another creature he had not seen before, with even more inside of his, which he head not seen before either. He bared his teeth lightly, before what sounded like steps, emerged from the trees, as a couple of strange two-legged beings eaded towards him. His instincts were to get up and fight, but he couldn't. His head became so heavy, that he could do nothing but lay it down. Soon, his vision went black.

When he woke up, he found himself in a confined space, made up of something he had never seen or smelled before, it was strange, and it put him on edge. He immediately started growling and trying to flee from his prison, but to no avail. As he drove himself to exhaustion, he gave up, and decided to rest instead, gathering up powers to put up a fight, as soon as his opponents would be stupid enough, to let him out. He must have slept for longer than he thought though, cause the next time he woke up, the crate was opened, offering him freedom. He opened his eyes and blinked, as he slowly rose to his paws, carefully stepping ahead after moments of hesitation. He was met by sunlight, and the surroundings of a new forest, with new scents, new everything. This wasn't his packs territory, and it confused him.

He stayed close to the crate, and even slept inside it, having difficulties with coming to terms that this was his new home. It wasn't until he realized he wasn't going to return home, that he finally decided to leave the crate be. However still having to come to acceptance of his new home.
Group History: N/A/

:: R E L A T I O N S H I P S ::

Mate: None
    Offspring:  None

        Father: Unknown
        Mother: Unknown
        Siblings: Unknown, 2 of them dead though
        *Other: N/A (feel free to ask to be allowed to make some)
Other: Click here to see relationships for this wolf*

*means that the link needs to be made!

:: A V A I L A B I L I T Y ::

Timezone: EET (Eastern European Time) (Current offset: UTC/GMT +2 hours)

Preferred Methods: 
        Notes: Yes
        Comments: No
        Skype: Yes
        Docs: Yes
        Other: Ask
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