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WoLF: Eve Application by CXCR WoLF: Eve Application by CXCR

:: I D E N T I T Y ::

Name: Eve ( "to breathe" or alternatively "to live" )

    Alias(es): None yet!

Sex: Female

Age: Young Adult

Bloodline(s): Bayou 35%, Forest Steppe 35%, Marsh 25%, Mist 5%

    Height: 34" (Current) | 38" (Adult)

    Weight: 115 lbs (Current) | 164 lbs (Adult)

Voice: Lzzy Hale (Lead singer from Halestorm)

    Mannerisms: Seldom sits or stands still when talking. She tends to circle specially male wolves, brushing her tail just underneath their chins as she passes their front. If seated, her tail will every so often flicker og swish from side to side. She has a habit of giving off deep looks, whether she's interested in what she's being told or not.

Physical Description:
Pelt Color (Melanistic)
Eye Color (Red)
Long Nails
Water proof Fur

Forest Steppe:
Tall Narrow Build
Large Chest
Tall Ears
Long Nails

Long, Thin legs
Large Cuspids
Water proof fur

Tall Ears

Other: She has no scars or deformaties hindering her. However, due to exceeding female forest steppe height, because of her bayou blood, she might be a tad slower than other wolves that are more or full forest steppe wolf. Not that she isn't fast, she is, but she's also elegant.

Pack/Guild: Kinder

    Rank: Tier 0

:: P E R S O N A L I T Y ::

Traits: :bulletgreen: Confident :bulletgreen: Clever :bulletgreen: Honest :bulletgreen: Methodical | :bulletred: Sly :bulletred: Selfish :bulletred: Superficial :bulletred: Manipulative :bulletred: Treacherous | :bulletwhite: Unsentimental

In Depth:
Positive Traits
Confident: [ "Having or showing assurance and self-reliance" ]
            Eve is a highly confident young wolf, she is fully aware of what she's capable of and that she shouldn't let just anybody control her or boss her around. Of course she's well aware of rank and hierachy, but it doesn't necessarily change her confident attitude, or well, at least not much.

Clever: [ "Mentally quick and resourceful" ]
            She's intelligent in a less obvious way. She's very able to think and to come up with solution to a variety of problems, and creative ones at that. Her being clever, also ensues that she's not easily tricked. Of course it can still happen, but it's somewhat rare.

[ "Marked by free, forthright, and sincere expression" ]
            She is no stranger to tell you what she really thinks of you, or your plans, and seems to particularly like doing so, if it busts someone else's ego. She seldom sugarcoats her words or lies to spare others. Well, at least not if the truth needs to be spoken, that is.

[ "Done or arranged in a planned wayUsing a careful and orderly procedure" ]
            Eve has a methodic way of dealing with different situations. Working from a - known to herself - base to base basis, using techniques and plans that has proven to be helpful to her in the past. Seldom does she change her way around this, which may sometimes make her seem predictable, as she is not likely to stray too far away from her usual ways and methods. She may have multiple methods to go by though, and so it isn't always known how she'll act in certain situations.

Negative Traits
[ "Tending to keep secrets and hide intentions" ]
            Usually keeping both her feelings and intentions to herself, unless you're important to her, she comes off as very sly. Despite the honesty mentioned earlier, she keeps certain things to herself, in order to keep herself and those select few she may care about, safe from trouble and harm, and perhaps even to attempt to advance herself in the best way.

[ "Having or showing concern only for yourself and not for the needs or feelings of other people" ]
            Eve is an incredibly selfish individual, and most things she does, if not everything she does, is mainly for herself and seldomly for others. This also means that she is unlikely to set aside her own feelings and well-being for the good of others, unless she benefits from it more than she would stand to lose from it.

[ "Concerned only with what is obvious or apparent" ]
            With far most things, Eve is highly superficial, this mostly comes to show with herself and her looks, seeming very intent on keeping herself neat and pretty, for select purposes, such as toying with males and sometimes even other feelings. Seeming to care very little about how attractive or unattractive her personality might be. To her, looks is what matters most, and for the most part, a good look (though with a weak mind) is a huge win for her, and looking ideal in her eyes, could serve you well.

[ "To manage skillfully and especially with intent to deceive" ]
            Eve is a manipulative individual, though most of her manipulative behavior, is expressed through acting. Her targets for the most part remain males, where as she attempts to use her body to manipulate them with, keeping their minds clouded from what could be the real 'danger', in the situation. Eve tend to lie and tell things as well, in order to have the best effect, and depending on her target, her behavior is altered to fit. If she needs to play innocent, scared and incapable of protecting herself, she will. If the situation demands that she show her confidence and how little anything scares or get to her, then that's how it'll be.

[ "Not able to be trusted: Showing that someone cannot be trusted" ]
            Unless you're held in high regard, trust shouldn't just be handed out to her. Though she is unlikely to do harm to those select few she holds in high regards, those she doesn't, should keep an eye or an ear open around Eve, or when Eve is around.

Neutral Traits
[ "Not marked or governed by feeling, sensibility, or emotional idealism" ]
            Eve tends to keep her emotions and feelings hidden, seldomly letting them show to anyone, includning close friends or even her lovers. This is not because she doesn't have feelings, but because she's experienced having her feelings hurt before, and so to avoid that, she guards them. This lets her come of as unsentimental and sometimes even insensitive. Though she seems to carry little to no concern about how well recieved this is to others.

:: H I S T O R Y ::

Pre-Group History:
Eve was born outside the Sanctuary, to a small, but very matriarchially build pack. This meant, that right from the moment she opened her eyes and began to learn, she was taught, that females were better and they deserved more, than what they usually got. Eve was, along with every other female pup in the pack, held in high regards, and were usually met with respect from both males and females alike, simply due to being female. Eve quickly got very used to get what she wanted, and quickly learned that she as an individual, could get away with almost everthing. This earned to make her very mischievious as a pup and even into her adolescent time.

Eve quickly got an inflated vision of herself, thinking that she was in fact better than everyone, and she became no stranger to letting others know that. Even passer by wolves were made aware of this very fact, and as she appeared to still be able to get away with such behaviors, she didn't change her way of behaving or acting.

However, the pack began to suffer. Not enough pups were born into the pack, and not enough new wolves joined, and the alphas were forced to make harsh and very difficult, perhaps even dangerous decisions for the pack, in hopes of the pack eventually benefitting from them somehow. One of the decisions made, was to create new breeding pairs within the pack, meaning that the male and female that matched together best, would be set together.

Eve was among the females that fell under this strange decision of the alphas, and soon enough, she along with other young wolves were expecting a litter. Up until and even after the birth of her pups, everything appeared to work just fine, but due to being so young and inexperienced, and all in all, just not ready for the work and responsibility it was to have pups, Eve proved unable to care for the pups properly, despite futile attempts.

In the end, no pups of her litter survived, which crushed her spirits and had her doubt her own abilities. She was beyond help and regardless of how much, how many or how hard anyone tried to cheer her up, it did not work. In the end, the event had taken such a toll on her emotionally, that she could not stand being in that place, so she ran. However, having no place to go, she didn't know what to do. She was alone, she was depressed.

She wasn't aware of how long she wandered about on her own, but to her, it felt like an eternity. Though suddenly she was found, by strange creatures, but before she could run away, she blacked out. She wasn't sure why, and when she woke up, she was in a new area. It didn't seem all too different from before, though the scents were different. This wasn't the forest she had been born into or grown up in, she could tell that much. She wandered for a bit within the sanctuary at this point, before finding the Kinder gang, and thanks to not being anything more than a young adult, she was accepted into the gang.

She from this moment decided to let the past be forgotten, and bounced back into being who she used to be, once more.

Group History: (Keep a log of your antlers earned in-game here.)

:: R E L A T I O N S H I P S ::

NPCs are allowed but must be marked as such!

Mate: None

    Offspring: None


    Father: Serkan (NPC, Alive)

    Mother: Treya (NPC, Alive)

    Siblings: Relik (NPC - Alive), Treyu (NPC - Alive)

    Other: Feel free to make cousins for her!


:: A V A I L A B I L I T Y ::

Timezone: CEST (Currently), CET (From 29th October)

Preferred Methods Discords or Notes

Notes: Yes!

Comments: No!

Skype: Can do if necessary!

Docs: Yes.

Other: Ask!

:: E X T R A::

        Sexual Information:
        Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
        Experience: Non-Virgin
        Sexual History: NPCs
        Littercount: N/A

    Application for WolvesofLunarForest!

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