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WoLF: Age Meme - Angel by CXCR WoLF: Age Meme - Angel by CXCR
I know the most major changed in his design happends towards the twilight of his life, where he grays a lot more, because black doesn't stay black as he ages. (He's still a handsome guy as and old man though)

Let's go through the stages.
Pup: As a pup, he was relatively normal. Carefree and innocent as most pups are, with the curiousity and open-mindedness to match. He was really sweet at this point and being the first born of that litter.
Adolescent/Juvenile:with his parents dying prior to getting very far into his adolescent time, he changed. At the beginning it wasn't a lot (Which I attempted showing through his eyes, having them still be a bit more 'normal' and 'innocent' ish, than otherwise pictured.) - His gray markins has spread though, and he resembles an almost mini version of his adult and young adult look, albeit without the scars.
Young Adult: Here he started wanting the power of the pack, the monster had fully awakened. However, too many wolves found out about his plans, and the alphas were alerted. This resulted to his exile and the scarring of his face. Not too long after he got into trouble with another loner, and got into a fight with it, resulting in the large wound on his right shoulder. It left a large scar but had no other effects to his gait whatsoever. Angel was still somewhat violent, but still appeared less violent than to begin with. Whether he had a kill count at this time was unknown.
Adult (CURRENT): A loner still, first unwillingly due to exile from his birth pack, but since then by choice. Repeatedly having turned down offers to join various packs. Through his time so far, he's still seen a lot, he's done things he probably shouldn't have. Ever since his shoulder was scarred, he remained from fighting so much, but it doesn't mean he necessarily changed his way. Before getting to the Lunar Sanctuary, he's been at another place, a wildness he at first wanted to take over. Having ganged up with other loners on and off, he believed he had a chance, until he had to move on. His health declined afterwards, and had he not been found and relocated, he wouldn't likely have made it. What his plans are in the sanctuary, will only be revealed through time.
Aged Adult: He starts to grey out more. He recieves more injuries, roughly implied by the image. As seen he loses funtion of his right eye. It is not entirely removed, but it is damaged beyond 'repair'. Additionally he gets more scars and his right ear gets slightly torn at one side. His left hindleg is injured which leaves him with a permanent limp. (More injuries are considered to be happening to him during his time as an aged adult, but I have not yet made up my mind about the rest, mainly cause it is sorta cruel B) but enough about that.)
Senior: Assuming he'd make it this far, he would have greyed out even more, not so much as having turned entirely white, but still enough so that he is not 'black'. He would likely have suffered so much that he would be left in somewhat constant pain, most of it located in his back and lower back. He'd obviously be weaker, and dislike moving around so much, because he would feel uncertain as to whether or not he'd be able to sustain his own weight. Even though he would've lost weight due to the old age. He would not be enjoying the twilight of his life, and would likely grow delusional and lose his mind out of fear of the impending end of his life. Refusing to seek help about his issues, he would try to find a way out, though no one escapes in the end, but then he'd want to determine when, how and where. Eventually he'd disappear to end everything.

Okay, but these are just CURRENT assumptions. Though I am really eager to have the injuries and stuff happen to him at one point or another, it doesn't necessarily have to end as grim. only time and what happens in the group, will determine how he ends up. He could be in a lot better state, well, mentally anyway :D nothing is set in stone. B) This is just the current anticipation.

Angel and art (C) me
Meme (C) DasChocolate
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swagstag Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wanna hug Senior Angel <3
CXCR Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Senior Angel is a sad potato, he needs all the hugs!
Me too tbh xD Kinda wanna hug Puppy Angel too, the cute boy
DoodlieDoos Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
so beautiful ouo
CXCR Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you <3
SomeSunnyBunny Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2017  Student General Artist
Look at that pretty boy
CXCR Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
one of the prettiest of boys~
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