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Tutorial:  Eyeglow by CXCR Tutorial:  Eyeglow by CXCR
Okay, all of the major information on how to do it, is in the artwork, where I tried to provide you all with visuals of how it should look as you're progressing and getting further. Of course, your picture will be different, because it will hopefully by a full picture of your own character, and now just part of a headshot repeatedly.

For the tutorial I used Dexter, because he is one of my go-to victims for various pieces of art. A lot of people voted that they wanted the eyeglow/eyeshine tutorial, and it's actually been requested/asked for in the past as well, I've just never gotten around to do it before, because something would always get in the way of me doing the tutorial. - The usual problem was my computers dying or getting 'cleaned' and losing everything I had on them, or plain stress from real life and the outside world.

In short, you'll want to add the eyeglow as the VERY last, like, right before saving/exporting and uploading. It's an effect and not a means of how to add another light source to your work. This also means that the way you shaded and highlighted your piece, will have little to nothing, to do with how the eyeglow should turn out. However, depending on the situation and the mood of the picture, it can be stronger, or weaker. (More visible, or less visible - to each their own)

I usually end up with 6 to 7 layers to do the eyeshine, but even as little as 5 can work, if the character is still-standing. - I just happen to try and make it look like most of my boys are in movement, haha.

If you run into problems with the memory load in SAI, my go to method to fix it (Because it will likely be used by the many effect layers), is to merge them. But there's a very specific way to merge them and ultimatively you'll have to merge almost the entire picture. It's a bit of a hassle, and you need to ALWAYS merge the layer at the bottom first, and repeat that until they're all merged. (UNLESS YOU'RE MERGING THE ENTIRE PICTURE. You'll be turning it into a flat kinda, and ugh... it's easier just to not do it and count on your SAI or photoshop or whichever program you're using, to be strong enough to deal with all the luminous layers).

If you have any questions about this method, ask away. - But remember, since this is basically a SAI based method of adding eyeglow effects, it might not work in other art programs, and you might have to tamper with your programs brush settings and whatnot to make it somewhat work. I can't do much to help users of photoshop, I know that the photoshop blur tool isn't as well done as SAI is, unfortunately.
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