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The World is Ours for the taking by CXCR The World is Ours for the taking by CXCR
"Your God is dead, and your world is a mess. Time to clean it up. This time however, there'll be no mistakes."

Do not be fooled, despite how evil looking they are, they are not actually 'evil'.
A friend and I, came to the conclusion that they're more like chaotic neutrals.

Given how none of them give a damn for anyone but themselves (and those that are important to them or their plans).
One thing they do have in common, is a shared past of tragedy and sorrow.

the guys in this picture is:
Dexter (Black wolf)
Alpha (grey wolf)
Ren (Red wolf)
Hyeto (Albino wolf)

We all know Hyeto lost his family, disowned by them basically, they didn't die but they wanted nothing to do with him.
Alpha always had a shitty "I don't give a crap" attitude towards the members of his family, that wasn't his twin brother or sister. He never really liked or cared about his parents and they did not seem to take enough interest in him either and the majority of the time he was left alone with his siblings. He even showed a lack of concern or sorrow as his dad was killed, and even decided not to bring him back, despite being able to.
Ren, while having had a 'perfect' life, with good parents, nice siblings (he has two older brothers, a younger brother and sister, and yet another set of two youngerbrothers. They are all twins (brother & brother, brother & sister, Brother & brother. Ren is the only one that does not have a twin (Though my theory is that he was going to have to, but long before being born, he 'devpoured' his twin, as a result of being the stronger individual and thus was born without a twin) Ren has always had lots of money, always got exactly what he asked for, when he asked, was hardly ever punished for anything, and was good in terms of school and had multiple hobbies and interests to turn to when in free time (he is known to be a master at several martial arts such as karate, judo, aikido, etc) and is also a well experienced vaulting rider (Skilled in doing gymnastics on the back of a horse and can both mount and dismount a horse while it is still in movement, regardless of it being walk, trot or canter/gallop). He had a near death experience though that caused him to become withdrawn and distancing himself from everyone. Then he moved away, and got into a lot of shit and was accused of being a bad guy and became the designated scapegoat for a tight knit group of friends that had chosen that Ren's only intentions were to create trouble and try to tear the group apart. Resulting in Ren intentionally doing things to causually trying to get back at them and make them pay, all the while growing depressed and changing to move back home and back to the school and all, repeatedly. creating a pattern that eventually led to other, more bad things. Resulting in Ren being alone, though more calmer now than he perhaps was before.
Dexter never got to really know his father, except for the things he got to read about him. He never managed to make his father answer the questions, and he knew that his mother likely wouldn't or didn't have the answers that he was seeking. Realising the death of his father left Dexter with tons of mysteries, though not sorrows (as a result of not having known the man), though the subsequent disappearence and distancing done by his mother, was likely what pushed him over the edge that he had other wise perfectly been balancing on. While not going evil, he also lost his interest and curiousity in regards to other people, specificially strangers. While he never started to attack anyone, and still allowed to let the doubt be their benefit, he has no interest in others but himself, friends and family.

However. They all seem to get along very well. Both Ren and Hyeto appearing to be 'double agents', pretending to work for one person, when in truth, they work for or with another person.
the thing is, that these guys lead their own, big, underground gang, which quickly outnumbered the previous mafia gang (The Wolf Syndicate = previously run by Boris, but since then handed over to William), and the great outnumbering of the syndicate pushed Dexter and the others to command the destruction of the syndicate, resulting in a deadly massacre in which the syndicate is likely to have been completely wiped out. It is debated that maybe some managed to sneak away and evade death, but only just and to never retake the life of a mafia member, in fear of being found.

The leader of the syndicate no matter what, is not dead, as he is not my oc, and I can't make decisions about that particular character xD but me being the player and owner of Boris, who originally made the syndicate, then I am in all of my right to have made this a canon thing, that the Alliance had wiped out the members of the syndicate, to take over their territory, while systematically working up to being able to take on the government and defeat it, only to take the city for themselves, before trying to work up further.

However, as their minds are set up, none of them are known to hurt or kill children. In fact, regardless of how inconvenient it may be, they are more likely to save a kid, then leave it with someone that actually wants to deal with it, rather than leave it to suffer.

Ren is the only one of the above to be a parent, though having failed miserably at raising his sons, Jaxson and Neikan. Which later resulted in their disappearences.
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*gently takes the world from them and gives them chew bones instead*
boyyyss, shhh, you're so bitter.
it's okay <3
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