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RBP: Kiira Application by CXCR RBP: Kiira Application by CXCR
Finally ohmg


    Name: Kiira
        Meaning: The dawn

        Pronouns: He, his, him, himself

    Age: Adult (7 years)

Pride: Mwanzo

    Physical Appearance

    Written Appearance: Somewhat smaller than most of the other males of the pride, light perhaps even sand-ish coloured fur along with a light mane with some blonde colours in it. Further more his mane is incredibly thin for a male lion at his age. He is, in spite of his overall appearance, well muscled, and larger than most of the lionesses. However, can and is sometimes mistaked for a maned lioness rather than a maneless or light-maned lion.

    Height: 3'11ft (47" if I'm not wrong)
    Weight: 400 lbs

    Scars: 3 scars on the top of his head, on the right side, along with slightly ripped ears on both sides of the head.
    Fertility: 47%


   Kiira has a somewhat insecure personality, being a bit small for an adult lion. Kiira often keeps to himself and prefers to stay out of other's bussiness, in order to avoid risking or getting his ass handed to him. Kiira is none the less, a very reliable and nice lion, who usually keeps a happy attitude towards most others, once he's gotten over his insecurities around you anyway. Kiira seldom gets angry, and even when he does, he rarely ever lashes out, as he is not a very aggressive lion.

He is very conflict shy and avoidant, and whenever there's a risk of conflict, he is likely to sneak away, and if he's caught running away, he is likely to just submit and apologize for doing so, given his insecure and avoidant nature. He's used to being underestimated, just as he has gotten used to sometimes being mistaked for either adolescent lions or even lionesses, due to his very thin and also ridiculously light coloured mane.

Around those, which he has gotten over his insecurities and shyness, he seems to be a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, that takes things as they come and only ever seldomly seems to stress out or even think about his past. Of course he can get sad, but he's usually quick at getting over it. Furthermore, despite his nature and personality, he is rather intelligent and intuitive, and should he want to, he could probably outsmart most anyone, though he never seems to try, as if the thought has never crossed his mind.



  • Father: Unknown
  • Mother: Unknown

  • Siblings: N/A

  • Cousins: N/A
  • Mate: N/A
    • Past Mate: N/A
  • Offspring: N/A
(Feel free to ask if you want to make siblings, half siblings, cousins, or whatever, for him)

   Sexual Information

    Relationship Status: Single 
        Sexual Orientation: Homosexual (probs sub with his size and personality)

    Past Crushes:

   Pre-Group History

   Kiira was born in a smaller pride, to a lower ranking female, and a higher ranking male, yet not a king/leader, but probably more of a high guard or something like that. Kiira was the younger brother to an older lioness cub, wo seemed to dislike him greatly, fearing that Kiira would steal all of the attention from her. She frequently tried to get him in trouble, and more often than not, she succeeded very well at it. This resulted in Kiira, almost never being left alone, because of the fear, that he'd do something terrible or stupid/troublesome if left alone or otherwise unattended by other adult lions.

As he slowly grew bigger, and out of his cub state, tings only got worse. The thin mane, or lack there off, often resulted in the other lions, as well as lionesses, to bully him, and even at some point saying that he was no real lion. At least not when taken into comparison with other males, with bigger manes. This lead to Kiira suffering from insecurities, made from being told that he was not, and never would be, good enough for anything or even any one. Shortly after he started to grow depressed, and became quite unpredictable.

One day he got into a heated argument with one of the other lions of this small pride, which resulted in Kiira recieving a somewhat brutal slap to the head, causing 3 deep wounds. He was told that he was lucky to not lose an eye in that situation. The wounds healed up pretty nicely over time but of course the scars would remain visible, as a visible reminder, that he did not, and was not allowed to speak up with his opinions, or even debate with the other lions.

He started to isolate himself, which unfortunately made the other lions grow wary and quite cautios about him, thinking, that maybe he was plotting something evil or malicious to get back at them all. Later, it resulted in him being chased out. He remained somewhat of a lone lion, until he found the Mwanzo pride, and surprisingly was accepted as a pride member. - He's since then been with Mwanzo, though still being one of the newer members.


    [ Beetle Tracker & Group History* ]
Howikin Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2016  Student General Artist
How handsome! I'd love to rp with you
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