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Korzhev Application: Tsar Dmitry by CXCR Korzhev Application: Tsar Dmitry by CXCR
yeah okay so I am too damn eager with uploading my first bae for TL. I will fill out his written info later.
Look at that handsome piece of fluff. Oh my god. I might... Change the art on his application a little but this, is what he looks like.

Full Name: Dmitry
Nicknames: Dmitry, Dimitry
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Height: 39"
Weight: 145 lbs
Short Description of the Wolf: A large and somewhat bulky wolf, in brown and black tones with white markings. Thick fur, especially around neck. Seems and is portrayed as somewhat stocky. Markings are symmetrical.

Territory: Korzhev
Rank: Tsar
Family: N/A

:bulletgreen: Focused

Dmitry is a usually focused individual, with a sense of focus that seems almost impossible to break, and if you finally do manage to break it, it is most likely because whatever he was focused on, wasn't important enough to him. It is all in all, not easy to break or sway his focus, and draw his attention to yourself, unless you're the one he focus on to begin with. He seems to focus especially hard and much on serious thing, such as problems or could-turn-out-to-be problems.

:bulletgreen: Intelligent and Intuitive

Dmitry is intelligent, as most Alpha's should be. He is naturally good at problem solving and can usually easily resolve disputes and problems between his pack members, or even between his pack and ally or neighboring packs. He knows his way around others, and can usually figure out whats best to be done, and what is better left undone. Combined with his naturally intuitive nature, he has an easy time figuring others out and can usually easily tell, whether or not, another wolf is good or bad, trustworthy or not.

:bulletgreen: Confident

As any alpha should be, Dmitry shows a, sometimes fierce, sense of confidence, both used to ward off intruders that ought to threaten his pack and him, but also to make sure that the members of his pack follows his rules and abides by his wishes and laws for the pack. While his confidence may seem intimidating to just about everyone, he does try to make up for it, towards his packmembers, if they are scared or unintentionally intimidated by him, by showing off a somewhat friendly and sometimes openminded attitude. - Not that his confidence ever wavers, cause it doesn't.

:bulletred: Condescending

Sometimes to lower ranking members, and pups that are not his own kin, as well as to outsiders, such as rogues or other pack wolves, he may come off as condescending, and the level of condecency varying depending on who you are. While it may be mildly towards his own packmembers, it may be extremely obvious and maybe even hurtful or mocking, to strangers, specially if they give him reason to be that condescending around them. His condescending attitude is sometimes mixed with a doubting or even skeptical behaviour, easily expressed towards decieving or un-trustworthy wolves.

:bulletred: Stubborn

He iss incredibly stubborn, this also leading to grudgeholding. He seldom lets go of anything at all, and remembers arguments that were lost, won or even never finished, and remembers fights and disputes that were never solved. He sometimes even wallows in it, and meeting with the one or ones responsible, could easily end up with devastating results. Furthermore, his stubborness increases regarding his own ideas and theories, and won't ever back down or let it go, until everyone agrees that that is how it should be done, or that he is right.

Despite all of the above, he still tries, and often succeeds, in listening to his packmembers and taking their meanings and opinions into consideration. He usually doesn't send troops or messengers or anything, out on missions, as he enjoyes the peace and solitude within the Korzhev pack and seems to believe, that all the Korzhev wolves will ever need, is each other, rather than a bunch of foreign strangers, that maybe would even sell you out for a piece of rotten meat. Dmitry is in reality a fair and just alpha, and prides himself in being as good as he is.

Pre-Group History: Dmitry was born in the Korzhev pack, along with the Berezin alpha. However, back in this time, the two were close, and almost like brothers. They got along extremely well and would often be the ones to tease or bully the other pups, though never to really hurt them. Dmitry and Markov's friendship seemed to be unbreakable, as good as they got along, almost as if they could see right through each other, and read each other.

Neither of them seemed to pay attention to the fact that Dmitry was one of the Tsar family's pups, whereas Markov was, in their eyes, just an ordinary wolf, with skills only suitable for a subordinate. All of this, meant nothing to the two young males, until it was announced that Dmitry was the heir, and would end up becoming the new Tsar. While Dmitry didn't mind the announcement and declaration, his friend grew enraged and jealous, also wanting to be an heir, but being rudely told that he was no heir and would never be, and thus having no chances of ever leading a pack.

The friend got angrier, and in protest abandoned the Korzhev pack, to set out on his own quest, despite Dmitry having tried to clear up the tension between the tsars and the subordinate wolf, though to no avail. Dmitry of course, was not allowed to go after his friend to bring him back, as he had chosen his side, and now would have to deal with the consequences on his own. As Dmitry grew through his awkward years as a young adult, to adult, he was trained.

He was trained to fight, trained to lead, trained to do any and everything that a tsar would need to be able to, to ready him for the day that he would take over Korzhev, and become the new Tsar. Time seemed racing after a while, and when his parents fell ill, and some time after passed away, he was immediately appointed the new Tsar, after the burial and honoring of his parents. Dmitry has since then lead Korzhev.

In-Game History:
- Joined!
Evening Sun - 7 Beets
Dmitry RP Tracker - 3 beets

Total Beet Count: 10 Beets 

Dmitry's Playlist
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