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Ivan - Meet the Artist by CXCR Ivan - Meet the Artist by CXCR
I DID IT. I finally finished it.

Gosh my art is horrible. Anyway.
YES. The setup is totally inspired from Daniel-LePunk's deviation. I ran this by him, and he was okay with me mimicking his setup for it. So don't be rude, okay guys? c;

Anyways. That's pretty much all that's necessary to know. I clearly come across as a bit thinner in this art, but ugh. I can't draw humans????? anyways. That's roughly how I look. Wearing those camo clothes a lot. (I can't find my 'Use Your Brain!' t-shirt rn - it's probably at my parents place)

GOSH I forgot to add that I always wear converse and never wear any actual jackets. What I percieve as a 'jacket' is my black hoodie and I always wear it when I leave my apartment. I don't go anywhere without it. - But I don't put on real jackets either. I own one that's decent and that most people like, but I don't wear it much, if at all. Not even on rainy or windy days (or in the winter.) All year round, that hoodie is my jacket.

AS FOR ALL THE HATE ON THE WEATHER, I am not an outdoorsman. I used to be and I used to hike, and walk long walks and go camping with other kids. (i was a scout, thingy?). Was that for 5 years until I got bored and fed up with it and then decided to stop. Then I took up handball and swimming, along with riding sport and then I eventually got bored with all of that and stopped and oh well, look where we're at :'D

ALSO, I figure some people are gonna wonder. "Ivan, why do you have so many security shoes and why also a pair of boots??????"
The answer is really simple, and silly. The first pair of shoes, bought alongisde the boots, was for when I started my education as a zookeeper. We needed secured footwear around larger animals (Pigs, horses, cows, sheep, whatever) and actually also in labs (yes cause there was labrats and stuff too). For security purposes. Now, people are probably like "WELL, but a rat doesn't weigh much?" nope, they don't, but some of the equipment around the labs can weigh a lot. And most large animals do, and for the most part, we dealt with horses and cows (and bulls), so these shoes and boots were necessary. Shoes were for good, dry weather, and boots was for when it was disgusting and muddy.

ANYWAYS, I stopped. And I accidentally lost track of where the first ones were after some time, and then I went to wear crocs all the time but, I kept losing them when I walked and their soles started to break aaaaaaand, a teacher thing pulled me aside and found LOTS of new shoes, ironically, all security shoes and.. I just got them? For free? They never asked for them back so now I'm the lucky owner of a lot of shoes I probably won't get around to use??????????????

Anyways. Questions in regards to anything here? ASk away!
(Yes, I know it's not portrayed here, but I still have some grey stripes in my hair, or, I have... Until I find them, and then I pull them out ahahah - I'm greying out early.)
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April 25, 2017
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