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I Am not Dead Yet (TIMELAPSE) by CXCR I Am not Dead Yet (TIMELAPSE) by CXCR
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Hyedi is back. In fact, regardless of what the staff of Crescent-Children made you think, he never died. Afterall, Hyedi is my OC and in the end, I determine what happens or has happened to him.

Boom. Truth.
Deal with it.

Anyways, gave him a bit of a redesign. In many ways it is similar to the old one, except the colours and markins changed slightly.
The anatomy looks wierd, but that's because he's supposed to be a big guy, but also being thin, despite his actual strength.

even as a human he is portrayed as very tall and seemingly underweight (or on the brinc of being underweight)
but is a marvelous fighter, mastering parkour and more than able to kill using nothing but his bare hands.

Weapons are boring to him and the only time he'd use tools, is on his victims, concidering his hobby/habit of being a rapist
He is a bad bad bad BAD guy, and will be in my story that I am still working out as well.

No he's not a human that can turn into a wolf and not a wolf that can turn into a human.
He is a normal human being, that is overly rich and multi talented.

But I think that is enough spoilers and info about him this time around.

NOTE: The reason for my absence is a mixture of having and artblock AND my tablet pen dying. But the pen is fixed and now I am trying to get out of my artblock so I can draw my characters and reply to rps.
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August 26, 2016
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