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Have you ever... by CXCR Have you ever... by CXCR
Smith: "Have you ever concidered.. just killing your opponent? It would be a lot easier for both of us. You don't seem like that kind of psycopath, who does this, just because it's fun. So why not get it over with?"

Angel: "Hm. There's nothing fun in just killing your opponents. Besides, if I wanted to kill you, you'd already be dead."


Artwork from an rp outside of dA (more precisely on the site where I have Angel as a human, so this is AaD-Angel, not CC-Angel).
Angel has ambushed, drugged and abducted mr. C.T. Smith and is having somewhat of a talk with him.

Basically, Angel doesn't understand how someone, that's so much like himself, can still act so 'normal' and so 'human', per say. Angel can't read him like he can normally read others and it bothers him in some way. He is NOT interested in killing Smith, and the fact that Smith got as injured as he did (he fell out of a window, woops), was not a part of Angel's original plan. Angel's plan was to drug and subdue him, and then take him away to a more.. Private sight to have a sincere talk with the fellow monster.

Now, in the human rp, Smith has multiple broken ribs (and probably other broken bones too), as well as recieved muscle damage and has at least a punctured lung and maybe some internal bleedings. Now, this is all very serious, but Angel will handle it. (AaD-Angel /human-Angel knows his way around medicine, actually got a doctors degree and he DOES have the tools/utensils to fix up the other guy) and even if Smith should pass away, he won't be gone forever. x)

Angel has a very useful fellow on his side, with the amazing ability to revive others.

you can all see that Angel is injured too, but they are mainly surface wounds (in the rp his shoulders are pretty much shot up, so they're bleeding quite a lot and I guess he could die from bloodloss but eh). ALso, you notice how Angel doesn't care about them? See that's because this version of him suffers from CIP. It means, he doesn't feel physical pain, he could be fatally wounded and it wouldn't hurt him. He'd be able to walk around with it until his body would shut down due to bloodloss and shit, and then he'd just pass out and die 'peacefully'.

However, it's not because of bloodloss that Angel is lying down. He's lying down because Smith is, aka, he's 'mimicking' him, treating him as somewhat of an egual, per say. Also, can we please pay attention to Angel's expression? Doesn't he look just a lil' bit worried? Oh my, why's that? jk. I know why. But can you guys guess it???

OOPS: wolf versions got blood around their mouths causeas wolves they've been biting and pushing each other around until one of them would fall.
I imagine they'd been fighting in a building still and Angel would go to return Smith's attacks, and in Smith's attempt to dodge it, he stumbled and accidentally fell through a window. Good giref, Smith....
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February 9, 2016
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