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Genrikh Vazov by CXCR Genrikh Vazov by CXCR
Have a headshot of Vasiliy's father.

The asshole who used and abused the kid for years.

He's quite handsome, but such an asshat.
To be fair, before his wife's death, he was a rather nice guy. Kind, gentle, loving and caring. Wanting nothing else but for his family to be safe, however, after his wife died, something inside him snapped, and he began to take out his frustation and anger on Vasiliy. Among that was also tension, and Genrikh basically used his son for various purposes, right from using him as a punching bag, as well as to satisfy his 'personal' and 'private' needs.

Genrikh grew into a image of terror, for Vasiliy, and he got worse over the years. It didn't stop until he began to age, and his strength started to fade. Genrikh did not die of natural causes or sickness, he was never imprisoned or otherwise 'punished' for what he had done to Vasiliy.

Genrikh's life however, did end in - what I can only assume is agony -, by the hands of his son, who at this point was a young adult, and stronger than he had been before.
I am working on a picture of it, not overly graphic but enough for people to get the idea.

Character: Genrikh Vazov
Programs used: Wacom Intous Draw tablet, Paint Tool SAI
Note: You may not repost, redraw or otherwise heavily reference this image. You are not allowed to use this image off site for either rps or other games. You may share it, but only if credit is given and that you link back to this submission.

- I still do not support any of the things Genrikh did to Vas, in real life.
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July 31, 2017
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