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Fake Screenshot - Critter by CXCR Fake Screenshot - Critter by CXCR
He knew it, as the creature ahead of him, started to turn, and then crained it's muscled neck to look at him, it's maw wide open and both fangs and teeth exposed, revealing the blood which was all that was left of his colleague, that the creature had caught first. As it screeched, and he stumbled backwards, he uttered nothing but one word, "Fuck...", before reaching for his weapon. However, that few seconds it took him, the creature used to get closer, and then darkness surrouned him and his body went limp.

Whoa okay, but I felt like this one deserved a tiny bit of literature, also just to paint a better idea of how dangerous these creatures actually are. They are for a personal project that CareLessDemonWolf and I are working on. (THe planet these guys belongs to is a living nightmare tbh, everything is able to kill you if you're not careful and unlike earth or any other planet in existense or fiction, this one itself, fights back if and when humans start destoying it. - It's a fine and vulnerable balance.)

This species of critter does not yet have a name, but feel free to come up with ideas. In terms of size, they are the size of a large feline (think tiger or lion, maybe a tiny bit bigger), in terms of build they remind more of dogs, however with 3 toes on each paws. They have long whiplike tails, (Males anyway, females have shorter tails and spikes), reproductive organs are not visible so unless one knows the small physical differences between the genders, their genders are indeterminable. Specially as 'pups', since they then look 100% alike.

They have no fur, scales or feathers. Their skin is usually dark-ish pink/red, mottled with black patches or stripes. They look fragile but are incredibly strong, very fast and flexible. They can open their mouths quite wide, and the 4 black fangs are used to 'grab' and hold onto prey, while the teeth inside the mouth then cut through skin, muscle tissue, etc. - They prefer smaller prey items that they can swallow whole, despite being more than capable of tearing large animals and people into pieces. - Oh well, more on these guys once their species ref is done.

Species (C) Me
Character (C) Me
Art (C)
Programs used: Paint Tool SAI, Clip Studio Paint Pro, Trust Flex Design Tablet (The kind they no longer produce/sell)
DasChocolate Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
This turned out great!

I hope to see more of them in the future!
CXCR Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you :D

also hopefully I'll be able to upload more about these guys very soon! I am making art for their species shit (and a subspecies of them as well)
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