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Eleazer Cresswell by CXCR Eleazer Cresswell by CXCR
OKAY BUT before anyone starts yelling
I know the anatomy looks a bit weird, buuut considering he's a wasp/human hybrid, then that doesn't really matter. His anatomy doesn't need to make 100% sense.

also fun fact, even though he's part wasp (perhaps even 'more' wasp than human) he can not sting, since only female wasps (and bees) can sting. Males can't, so he can't sting. I mean, as any male wasp he can 'bluff' and pretend to sting or try to sting buuuut he does not have a stinger or venomous abilities ;D

He's not entirely harmless though, he can still scratch, bite, kick.. Heck it needs to be mentioned he carries pocket knifes and such around, so he could still knife people or like, stab them. Which he will, totally, if he gets angry or feel like someone's trying to own him haha.

also yes he can fly but it is somewhat tiresome to him due to his size so he usually doesn't, and specially not for long and usually only does so to add distance between himself and others also his antennas are very sensitive and he hates when people try to touch them.

character, art, etc. (C) me
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