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Centaur Base (Male) by CXCR Centaur Base (Male) by CXCR
Okay but seriously. I've been looking all over dA and all centaur bases are either chibis or females, we needed a male one, so here we go.

Yes, references were used for the horse body.
Yes, the human part may be a bit wonky but it still works and it's not as bad as it could have been.

- Once you've bought the base you can use it for what you want.
- Yes, you can use it for adopts (points/money, idc)
- You can change the gender if you don't want a male/stallion.
- Don't post the base in any of it's formats for free.
- Don't forward it to people that didn't buy it.
- Don't trace the lineart/use it without buying it.

The zip folder holds a PSD, SAI and a transparent png file so that literally anyone with a program that supports layers can use it. There is no paint friendly version though, so that probably won't work for you guys.

Why's he bald?
I decided to leave the base like that, and allow people who buy it to come up with their own hairstyles, rather than just doing a random and generic hairstyle myself.
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Submitted on
November 29, 2017
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