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Ashley Matthews Information by CXCR Ashley Matthews Information by CXCR

EDIT: Occupation added!

Also known as Angel. YES. He got anthromized because yes. Why not? bad eyesight so glasses! Markings are similar if not identical to his feral markings, yeah.

This is lowkey inspired by a whole lot of stat memes and dossier memes and lowkey J-Haper's information charts but none the less I tried to make it different from all alike (both in colour choices but also given information, stats, etc.)

EDIT: added stamina. Also, his stamina is low cause he's sick, duh

Okay, so explanation time.

First of all, originally he's still human, not an anthro wolf but I can't draw humans to save my life, so here, have the next best thing.

He is very intelligent and have repeatedly proven to be able to fool and trick others, either in a good way, or a very horrible way. (You never know what he's gonna do. Will he kill you? Will he save you? Will he give you a few thousand millions to fix your budget for you? We will never know! but we do know that he is smart enough to plot to take over the world and effectively get rid of the people standing in his way, even if they are his friends. - but is that his true motives? WELL! We won't know until he reveals it!)

His health is below average, and here's why.
In the human universe and my anthro-verse, he has some diseases.

Along with having congenital analgasia (the inability to feel pain = he can't feel any pain at all), he has a few other diseases that could and likely is making his existense itself quite tricky.

A more, seemingly harmless one, and less prominent one is that he's epileptic. Seizures are very rare in his case, which is just his luck. - Bitch must be on some pretty damn effective medicine.

A much more deadly disease is cancer. Stomach (Gastric) cancer to be completely honest. Some friends and I figured it would be very interesting if he was sick, which is why he's sick to begin with. What makes it more thrilling and interesting, is that it's a deadly disease, which will kill him if he fails to take his medicine, and/or otherwise refuse treatment. (u can tell by his hairdo that he is not doing chemotherapy, regardless of how 'effective' it is in some cases). Will he survive? Will he find a cure? Who knows!

His stamina is low too, he is not fond of running and dislikes the idea very much.

His empathy and ability to show compassion and concern towards others are very poor. The only one he truly worries about is himself, which means he basically doesn't give a damn for anyone else at all. He might go out of his way, minimally, if you are of somewhat importance to him, but given how highly he thinks of himself... Well, don't expect him to be wanting to help you at all.

Prefers black suits and ties and shoes. (It's his scheme, sorry guys xD you won't see him in flashy or bright clothes, not even if it'd save his life. Trust me, he would rather die than wear something not black or at the very least very extremely dark gray.)

Also, here's a list of his collective mental disorders:
Dyssocial Personality Disorder
Psychosis (debatable that he might also have depression, despite not showing it)
Paranoia (Minimally, but it's there because literally everyone wants to kill him it's his own fucking fault)
Insomnia (Has a very hard time sleeping/falling asleep)

Does he take meds? Yes. Along with his cancer medicine, and his medicine for his epilepsia, he also takes antipsychotic drugs and mood-stabilizing medicine, and some pretty heavy sleeping medicine for his insomnia. SO THE GUY IS PRETTY DRUGGED. Like, seriously guys. Look how many flaws he has, no wonder he wants to be the dominating world leader and demand respect from all of you or wants to befriend you all so you would care about him as he himself does

fyi he should be missing left eye and left ear and have almost his entire left side of his face covered with scars because someone legit tried to blow him up but I am so lazy so let's just play that he had that particular injury healed to perfection (yaaaay!) Cancer stage 3 still there though so, yeah. Good luck, Ash!

fyi he has the two scars over his right eye, he has the scars on his shoulders as a result to having been shot in his shoulders multiple times (guys why he feels no pain and he doesn't bleed out immediately from this why not fucking just shoot him in the heart or the head, like, seriously you are literally letting him subdue you all..........)

Bonus facts:
- Big fan of black colours. (or rather the complete absence of colours)
- Loves star gazing, walks in the moonlight
- Doesn't eat often cause he doesn't feel hungry or anything, of the same reasons that he doesn't feel pain
- Prefers water over anything else, literally. He has not been drinkin alcohol, juice, etc. - He's not that fancy.
- Prefers ridiculously expensive suits (costs between $43,000 and $892,500. - yes, he's rich. Very rich. or used to be. In the light of recent events he lost a lot of money.)
- Is low-key interested in a former hostage. (That hostage luckily for him, happens to have Stockholm Syndrome, so the odds of that going to happen are quite good despite the fact that he killed their son. woops.)
- Really, super, bad at showing emotion.
- Is generally a fucked up, and very misunderstood, guy that just wants to be left alone with all the power in the world. (like.. just give it to him so we can all relax, yeah?)

I think that's enough, mwahah.
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