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A Different Kind of Pain by CXCR A Different Kind of Pain by CXCR
wow I actually managed to do something this summer. Next week will be last week of summer break and that sucks.

anyway, yes. This is a sort of vent art.
The last few days has been super rough and really unfair and I'm just really fed up with one particular person.
I won't mention names or anything, cause I'm not that petty or spiteful regardless of what they may think.

Anyways. Probably lost a 'friend', but you know, whatever. Good thing I have so many others.
Or, you know, others.

Anyways, here, enjoy a picture of Anthro Angel, AAD Angel from my anthroverse.

I am working on a piece with Vick too but art is really hard lately and I hate doing art on my laptop.
I am way behind with group art as well and it kills me, cause I need to get back into being active.

Everything is so stressful and painful lately.
Physically and mentally, so hard to overcome.

But hey, I'm trying.

- Also, no, Angel doesn't feel any physical or emotional pain. He can be annoyed or angry when something doesn't work for him and he can worry about himself, but that's about as much as he can do in regards to emotions at all.

Also, it's been raining a lot this summer, so a grey rainy background and stuff seemed fitting.
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July 27, 2017
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