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    The Mightyena awoke slowly,his surroundings slowly coming to focus. At first,Link the Mightyena thought that maybe his eyesight may have been damaged,but shook himself awake as he found out that the whiteness of his surroundings was actually snow. "What the-?!" 

    Link's sapphire blue eyes, an unusual trait for a normal Mightyena,darted quickly as he tried to figure out where he was. "Is this...A jail?" he asked to himself."It's a jail! I'm locked in a jail! But...Why?" Link looked around,searching for an way to escape his cell. Quickly,he found a hole under the gates of the cell,but he rushed to dig at the patch of snow covering the hole,he heard a heavy clinking followed by a painful jerk on his front left leg.An iron shackle with a chain was clasped around his leg.

    "Chained up...Great..."he mumbled. He tried to free himself by biting on the chains,but it only brought some toothaches. "How did this happen? Why would that Weavile lock me up here? Why was it snowing in the woods out of season?" Many questions popped up in the Mightyena's mind as chomped on his chain with a Bite attack,which did not help him at all.All of a sudden, his ears twitched and he realized he was not alone.

    A Sneasel had appeared is his cell,and it slowly began to approach him. "I found you!" the Sneasel said after a moment of intense silence. Link stared at the Sneasel and growled,as he was not in the mood for any taunting,much less of the unevolved formed of the Pokemon that locked him up. The Sneasel was a female,but had the long head feather of a male,which was quite odd of the species. She also had a brown scarf, a Power Band to be exact, tied on her head,which covered her left eye,but he could tell that both eyes were red with yellow scleroses,which was very unusual,too.

    "Oh,look how scary you are,growling at me like that,"the Sneasel mocked. "If you are here to make fun of me..." Link warned with a low growl,"You better leave..." The Sneasel giggled and faked a sigh, "It's a shame though..."she replied,raising her head proudly, "I was going to help you escape." Link immediately stopped growling,"Really?" he asked. "That's better,"the Sneasel replied," You Mightyena are obedient when it comes to a noble cause." She giggled again and stepped back.  The Sneasel focused,and suddenly, Link saw the Sneasel's right claws became enshrouded in a ghostly energy."This Sneasel knows Shadow Claw?" Link though to himself as the Sneasel slashed at the chains that held him. 

"Who are you?" Link asked at the Sneasel. "Who am I?" she replied,"I'll tell you who I am if..." She stepped back and disappeared,reappearing again beyond the cage, "You can get to me,hee hee!"
    Link made his way to the jail doors,and in the place he saw the opening, he began to dig at the snow,and after a few moments of digging,he was outside the jail. However, the Sneasel was nowhere is sight. "Hey,Sneasel! Where are-argh!"

    Link yelped in surprised as the Sneasel suddenly landed on his back,as he began to jump to shake her off him. "Hee hee! I guess you're not pretty stupid after all!" the Sneasel laughed,and as Link continued to jump,she tied an object around his neck. Soon, Link stopped jumping around,as it was useless for him to pull the Sneasel off his back. "If you want to get out of this place," the Sneasel said,"You're going to have to obey me..." Link sighed in frustration,and looked down to see that a white scarf with black spots at the knot was tied to his neck. "By the way, my name is Midna, so move it!"

    Link followed a tunnel,which opened up at a system of sewers that seemed to lack any signs of activity for years. "Wait..."Midna stopped,and leaned on Link's head,"There's something fishy about this place..." The Mightyena raised his snout and sniffed,and what Midna said was true. Apart from being covered in snow, the sewer didn't appear to have a definitive layout, in fact, it seemed that the place was different every time somebody entered. "This place is a mystery dungeon..." Link answered. "Well look here,it seems somebody knows what this place is..." Midna replied,"So if you know how these places work,then you can get out of here."

    The Dark-type Pokemon dashed through the sewers,turning left, right, defeating hostile Rattata,Zubat and Golbat that had seemingly adapted to the unnatural,cold environment. Also,Midna picked up an Oran Berry for energy,for in case any of the two became tired after all the fighting,the Oran Berry would heal them up. Soon,after a few floors of the dungeon,called the Frosty Sewers by Midna,they found themselves in an odd situation.

    The room was circular in shape, with a set of ancient, crumbling stairs that led to an opening at the top of the room. Large chunks of the staircase were gone, and a set of frozen ropes hung between the staircase. "Hmph,"Midna scowled,crossing her arms,"At least those guys should of bothered on making new stairs." Link stared at the gaps in the staircase,and hoping for a successful plan, he jumped from one gap to another,but the stairs gave away,tumbling him to the snow below. "That didn't work how I expected..."Link groaned,shaking the snow from his body. "Urgh, what were you doing?!" Midna facepalmed," I'm going to have to do all the work!" The Sneasel leaped off Link's back and sprinted up the staircase,and just before she reached the gap,she jumped and teleported, landing at the other edge of the gap. 

  "Don't think I telepored, genius,"Midna called,"I used my Beat Up,and with this we can reach the top,so don't keep me waiting!" Link stared at Midna,and proceeded to follow Midna's example,and as he jumped, he suddenly realized that he was at the other side of the gap. The Pokemon made their way up the stairs, teleporting and climbing their way up the room. Soon enough, both Pokemon reached the opening and were outside.
    A blizzard was raging outside,wind and snow pelting Link and Midna. "A blizzard? But we're in the middle of summer!" Link said,bracing himself against the force of the storm. "Escape now,questions later!" shouted Midna through the wind as she climbed back onto Link. The two Pokemon were on the rooftops of an ancient town,that even though it has fallen to despair,the Pokemon that had invaded the area had managed to patch up the holes on the roofs. It was impossible to see anything beyond two feet of sight, so Link had to be extra careful of his surroundings.

    Link ran through the rooftops, his footsteps being silenced by the snow on his path. Every now and then he would raise his head and sniff the air,as he could smell the air around him and find his way out of the blizzard by following the scent of the woods he grew up in. However, as he found his way around, he stopped in his tracks as he heard a conversation.

    "The Weavile in the forest encountered something useful for once!" A voice said. "What did those guys found this time?" asked another voice. "They found a Psychic-Type Pokemon!" The first voiced replied with excitement," A Gardevoir, to be exact! And with that chum's help, we can cover the whole region with snow!" Link gasped as he heard this piece of news. "They're planning to freeze the region?!" Link thought,"We mustn't let that happen!"  "But according to the Weavile,"the voice continued,"the Gardevoir put up a fight,so they had to freeze her..." "That's it!"Link growled,"We're rescuing that Gardevoir!"and with a quick sniff to the air, Link sprinted through the snow-covered rooftops.

    "What are you doing?!" Midna protested,"You're not planning on rescuing that Gardevoir, aren't you? You don't even know where she is!" "We need to rescue her!"Link replied,"If we don't, the whole region will freeze and many Pokemon not adapted to the cold will die! Also, those Pokemon had a scent,so maybe it can lead me to Gardevoir's location."

    Link bounded from rooftop to rooftop,raising his head just to make sure he was following the scent. "There's no way I'll make you change your mind,huh?"Midna asked with a soft growl as she crossed her arms,"And with the intensity of this storm it's use-hey,what IS that thing?!" Link skidded to a halt,which may have been very dangerous to do since he was somewhere high,as he came face to face with the largest building of the area. It wasn't an ancient building, in fact it was the only building in the area that wasn't part of the previous establishment. There was an open window that lead inside the building,and it was large enough for Link to enter.

    "I think,this is where the Gardevoir is locked in..." Link said,and with a leap, he jumped onto the window and sneaked in. A spiral staircase lead to a set of wooden doors,one which was slightly open. Despite the area of the building being empty,Link cautiously approached the room beyond the doors,and with his head, he opened the door and padded inside. The room was almost empty except for a chair, a bed and a table,meanwhile the floor was covered in snow. "Hmph,she's not here..." yawned Midna,
but as Link turned around,he saw the Gardevoir huddled in a corner of the room,shivering as she breathed in the cold air.

    "A-Are y-you h-here to r-rescue m-me?" the Gardevoir asked,chattering. "Yes, we have,"Link replied,"Come with us,we'll get you out of here."

    Link, Midna and Gardevoir made their way back to the window,meanwhile Midna warmed Gardevoir with an Aspear Berry she had found in the sewers. "Oh great, you found Gardevoir," Midna clapped sarcastically,"Now what,genius? How will we get out of this place without getting caught or without Gardevoir fainting from the cold?" "I can t-teleport us out of h-here," Gardevoir replied,chattering less. Gardevoir placed her hand on Link,and with a flash, the three Pokemon disappeared from the blizzard.
    The three Pokemon reappeared in a lush forest spring,the sun beginning to set in the horizon. After the Pokémon landed in the spring, Gardevoir lost her balance and collapsed, however, she managed to hang onto Midna before falling on the floor.

    "Easy there girl,"said Midna,holding the Gardevoir's arms. Gardevoir looked up at Midna and whispered,"Thank you for helping me."

"GARDEVOIR!!!" Two figures rushed to where Link and Midna were standing,and as they got closer, Midna's jaw dropped in surprise. The first Pokemon was a Lopunny,her long ears bouncing as she bounded her way to their comrade. The second Pokemon was a Medicham,her eyes wide with worry over their teammate. "Girls..."Gardevoir gasped,"I'm sorry I made you worry..." Lopunny and Medicham turned around to see a confused Link and a surprised Midna staring at them. "Heehee! So sorry for not introducing ourselves darlings! We're Team Charm! Heart "
"I can't believe it!"Midna shouted."You're Team Charm!? The unbelievably famous exploration team?!" Midna's eyes sparkled as she stared in disbelief. "That's right!" replied Medicham. "Team...Charm? I...haven't heard of them..."Link said sheepishly. Midna stared at Link with abject horror,but before she could blow up at him,Gardevoir interrupted her. "Don't worry,there's always those Pokemon that don't know us,"she responded kindly.

"We really appreciate that you two rescued Gardevoir,"Lopunny said,keeping close to Gardevoir to keep her warm. "To be honest, I don't even know what we've would of done without her!" The sun had sunken below the horizon,a streak of orange slowly fading to a lovely shade of lavender.

"I'm not even sure what happened..."Medicham said in a low voice,"We were walking in the area of the forest that was snowy,and suddenly,this Weavile appeared out of nowhere and swiped Gardevoir! They were to fast for us..." "We are so grateful,"continued Lopunny,"Would you mind telling us your names? Heehee! Heart " "My name's Midna,"replied Midna,"And this guy's Link."

Team Charm were preparing themselves to leave the forest,but before they left, they asked questions about how had they been in the area where Gardevoir was held captive. "And those Pokemon chained you up?! That's awful!"Lopunny cried as she saw the remains of the shackle on Link's front leg. "Well, we have to go,"called Lopunny,"We don't want those Weavile coming back for Gardevoir...OK,darlings we're off! I'm thinking of sending a request to the Rescue Team Federation so you two can form a team! Heart "

The three Pokemon moved away from where Link and Midna decided to camp out for the night. Link had started a fire and Midna decided to snuggle up onto his fur. "For such a fierce guy,you sure do have soft fur..."Midna remarked with a yawn,and after staring at the fire for a few minutes,Midna fell asleep. Link carefully stood up, turned out the fire,replaced himself beside Midna and he too,fell asleep.
    "Helloooooooo? Are you Link the Mightyena?" Link's eyes shot open as he heard the voice scream in his ears."WHAZZ ZAT?!" Midna shrieked in shock. A Pelipper was sitting on Link's head,his large beak only a few centimeters apart from Link's face.

    "I got a package for Link the Mightyena and Midna the Sneasel,"the Pelipper repeated,"Alongside this letter from some very lovely ladies." The Pelipper pulled out a medium-sized package from a large sack that hung on the Pelipper's body. "What should we open first?"asked Midna, rubbing her eyes and yawning. "I think we should open the letter first,"Link replied,"The letter literally says in huge letters,OPEN FIRST."

    Since Link couldn't open the letter so well,Midna opened the envelope,and proceeded to read the letter,which was written in a very fancy handwriting. "Dear Link and Midna,We left the forest without any trouble and we sent our request to the Rescue Team Federation once we got out of the forest.In your package,you will have everything you need to start a team,and we three know that you two will make a great team! May we meet again! Heehee! Heart Love, Team Charm!" "...I didn't ask for their autograph,but I'm keeping this letter!"Midna shouted after several minutes of silence.

"So,what should we name our team?" Midna asked,crossing her arms,"We need to think of a good name,one that fits us...How about Team Creepers?" Link stared at her with a look of disapproval.",that isn't a very good name...If we want Pokemon to trust us in jobs,we need a better name than that..." Midna placed her hand underneath her chin. "How about Team Twilight?"asked the Pelipper,"It suits you pretty well,and also the word twilight is another way of saying darkness or dusk..." The two Pokemon were still surprised that the Pelipper was still there,however,they thought on the suggestion that the Pokemon brought up. "Team Twilight...fits us,and also...I don't know but...Doesn't it feel kinda familiar?"Link asked. "Yes...I like it!"Midna exclaimed,"From now on,we will be known as Team Twilight! We will travel every corner of this land and beyond! There's a future ahead of us!" "Uh...Miss Midna? You forgot to open the package..."Pelipper suggested.

    After an awkward moment of silence,Midna used her sharp claws to open the box,which had a satchel she hung on Link's body,and several black colored badges with a formation of triangles in the center.

The Pelipper left, but Link and Midna stared into the depths of the forest,where cold drafts of wind blew around them. "We need to find out what is up with this weather,and what happened to the children of my village," Link was determined to find out what was wrong,but if he were to do this alone,he would most likely end up hurt or worse...But he and Midna were a team now,and with her help,they could accomplish a lot more. Midna also held a secret of her past,one that involved with the freezing of the region. Even though their adventure was just starting,this small incident was the beginning of a great adventure.
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