New Region,New City and New Neighbors

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    After their interview with Teresa the Servine,Link the Mighyena and Midna the Sneasel were given a small slip of paper that included their address to their new home in the Explorers Barracks.

    "I still can't get over seeing a normal Servine..."Midna said as she stared at the mini-map they were given,"After meeting Snivy back in Eluryhethria,I just can't seem to see their species the same way again..." Link chuckled silently,as he was quite surprised that a small thing like that was capable of keeping Midna out of her usual indifferent self. Back in their homeland,one of their friends was a Snivy that didn't behave like the rest of his species,and even Link himself was quite disoriented when he met a Pokemon from the Snivy evolutionary family that didn't have a bright smile plastered on his or her face.

    Link looked down at Midna,who was still mumbling about how this Servine needed to take off that smug look from her face before some rude Pokemon begins to call her "Smugleaf",and after a few minutes of listening to her thoughts,he nudged Midna to try to engage her in a conversation that will help her avert her mind off Teresa's expression.

    "So,what do you think of this new region?" Midna swore she could hear Link's voice,but that was impossible since Link lost the ability to speak after the accident,however,she has been with him long enough to figure out when he wants to talk with her. "Well,one thing's for sure,I had no idea that Pokemon were capable of building cities until we arrived here in Andalusst,"Midna replied. Link smiled,his blue eyes glinting with his smile. "What about that abandoned castle town back in Eluryhethria?" His lost voice echoed again,however his mouth showed no signs of movement. Midna remembered that day,and it was true,that town was almost as large as Andalusst,maybe even larger,but something told her that the town was built by something else..."We've arrived!"Midna took a glimpse at the neighborhood,their new home in the Explorer Barracks.

    "All I'm going to say is...Wow." Midna stared at the simple,wooden houses of the neighborhood. Link wasn't at all disappointed at the Barracks,to him,a home is a home,no matter how simple. "All right..."Midna said with a hint of disappointment of the neighborhood,(she secretly wished that they could've gotten something more homey.)"Let's...Look for our new house,shall we Link?" Link followed Midna without complaint,and as he walked,Pokemon of all types and species trotted around the neighborhood. Soon enough,the two Dark-type Pokemon were upon their new home,simple and wooden,just like the other houses. Midna was a bit quieter than usual,due to the simplicity of this area of the city had left her without much to say.
    Midna opened the door of the house,and the smell of damp forest greeted their noses. There was a medium-sized bed,a night-desk with a candle lantern next to the bed,a small table with two chairs and a rather small empty bookshelf in the bedroom.

    The rest of the house was really just the living room,with an old but comfortable looking sofa and a small round table for 4,and besides that and nothing else,the whole house was covered in dust and cobwebs. "Okay,let's clean this shack,"Midna called,and using Link's tail as a broom,much to the annoyance of Link,Midna and Link began to do some serious cleaning to the house. Little did they know,however,that ever since they placed their foot in Andalusst,two figures watched and followed the newcomers very closely.
    Link and Midna's clean-up process was interrupted by a knock on the door. "Urgh,not right now..."Midna mumbled as she rolled her red eyes in a pool of sulfur yellow,"We're in the middle of a very important clean-up operation,come back some other day!" Link gave Midna a kind don't-be-so-rude stare,and after a few awkward moments of silence,proceeded by the knocking on the door,Midna's expression softened a bit."Urgh,fine..." Midna growled grumpily,and opened the door.

    A Buizel and a Mawile stood at the doorstep,the Mawile holding a pie in her hands,meanwhile the Buizel stood a few feet behind and stared quietly at the bushes that grew outside Link and Midna's new home. "Hellooooo new neighbors!!"the Mawile shouted cheerfully as she waved at Link and Minda,who stared at her with a confused and indifferent expressions,respectively."Uh...Hello..?"Midna replied back.

    "Welcome to the Explorers Guild! My name's Joe,and this guy..."she grunted as she pulled up her Buizel partner,"Is Champ! And we're Team Star! Say hello,Champ!" The Buizel stared at the two Dark-type Pokemon awkwardly"...Uh...Hello...Nice eye colors by the way..." Link nodded hello,and Midna stared at the two newcomers with an annoyed expression,which was hard to take seriously since she had tied her scarf on her head in a certain way. "Okay,nice to know...but can you come some other time when we're not cleaning?"Midna asked sharply. Link gave Midna a scolding look,and she could almost imagine him saying,"Don't be rude Midna! These Pokemon just want to say hi." Midna breathed deeply and replied with clenched teeth,"Thank you for your welcome,but can you come back some other time please? We're pretty busy cleaning up our new house..."

    Joe smiled,both with her normal mouth and her massive maw in the back of her head."Sure,no worries! We just came by to say hello and to give you this Apple pie we made,"she replied as she handed the pie to Midna. "See ya later..."Champ called out as the two Pokemon left. After a minute,Midna sighed and grabbed a make-shift broom she built in order to leave Link's tail alone. "All right pal,back to work..."Midna said. She looked at the pie and smiled,an honest-to-goodness legit smile,"But first,snack time."
    Joe and Champ made their way back to their home,with Joe having a smile on both mouths. Champ smiled shyly and opened the door to their house,but before he stepped inside,an idea popped up in his mind. "Hey Joe,"Champ began,"I was thinking,maybe we should make a welcome party for the new team!" Joe's face brightened up even more,"What a good idea!!! We can get other help from other teams and we could also make it a surprise!!!"Joe folded her arms and jumped in excitement. "Oh goody,this is going to  be so exciting!!!!!" "Did somebody say party?!"A tiny voice called out as the owner rushed to the idea of a party.
    By 5 o'clock,Midna and Link had finished cleaning up the house,and were adding the finishing touches,Link placed a bed sheet on the bed,followed by a handmade blanket. "Well,it's done," Midna imagined Link's voice once again,as he smiled proudly at the now clean house. "I thought this was going to take longer than perhaps into the next day," Midna sighed,wiping the sweat off her forehead with her wrist. "Well,now what would you like to do?" Link's voice echoed again,"To be honest,I would like to fill up that bookshelf." Once again,the house resonated with knocks,this time, they were very excited and musical knocks. "Urgh,who is it now?" Midna groaned,and opened the door,this time,a Zorua with pinkish-reddish fur and a very odd looking Riolu that looked like a Lucario stood at the door,the Zorua with a bright smile and the Riolu with a serious attitude."Is there some Pokemon here that doesn't have heterochromia?!" Midna was baffled,as she had lost count of the Pokemon in this region that had one eye a different color than the other.

    "Hi new neighbors!!" The Zorua yipped with excitement, "My name's Mia!" "A Mightyena and a Sneasel?" The Riolu raised an eyebrow,his green eyes scanning at the two Dark-type Pokemon."Now those are Pokemon you don't see that much in the Explorers Guild...Glad to have you on board! My name's Jake,by the way,and we're Team Buiocuori." Link nodded hello again and smiled,as the Riolu named Jake brought him back memories of his hometown, Nodro Village. "Uh...Hello."Midna replied,"Um,I'm Midna,and this silent guy is Link." A bright smile once again lit up Mia's face as she jumped up and down in joy."Cool names! Nice to meet ya! Also,we need to do something so..." Suddenly,Link and Midna were blindfolded.

    "WAIT? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!" Midna shouted as she was pushed around. Link was about to snap at Jake,until he heard a voice,"Don't panic!! We are not going to hurt you!" The voice was somewhat shy,and it belonged to a female Pokemon. "We got something special for you!!"A younger,cheerful voice replied after the first one. Soon,the Pokemon stopped pushing Link and Midna around,and suddenly,the blindfolds were taken off.

"SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Several voices screamed as Team Twilight was placed into a party. Or what seemed to be a party...
    A makeshift banner was hung onto two trees,as the words "Welcome to the Explorers Guild" were written in a very messy handwriting. There were only five balloons in the whole section of the "party",meanwhile more balloons were being blown by an old Torkoal and a Wartortle with aqua-blue eyes. There were only 4 tables,all hastily arranged and with 4 equally hastily arranged chairs. The party wasn't the prettiest thing in sight,but at least there was a nicely baked cake in the only table that was arranged nicely,where a Vulpix and an Axew were running around trying to help even though they just recently arrived at the party!

    "What do you think?"asked the young voice,which was revealed to be a Chimachar and and his Smeargle guardian. "It's...Nice..." Midna tried to hide her shock and uncertainty,but Link was starry-eyed,as it was so thoughtful of these Pokemon to welcome them to Andalusst! Even though it wasn't the best party in terms of aesthetics...

There was a handful of Pokemon at the "party",there was another Pokemon from the Snivy evolutionary family that was partnered up with an Aron,they also found,which also delighted Midna a lot,another Sneasel with a Klefki partner and a Meowth that acted like a Pikachu that was hanging around with a shiny Shinx. Link and Midna enjoyed the party,but it wasn't until Joe and Champ rang some loud Miltank bells.

    "Everybody,"Joe began,her other maw chomping on a slice of cake,"Tonight,we are here not only to welcome new members to the Explorers Guild..." As Joe said "Explorers Guild",the Pokemon present at the party cheered very oudly,their cries echoing through the darkening neighborhood.
    "But also,"she continued,"To welcome these two Pokemon to the region of Parai!" The crowed gasped in surprise. "Wait...You're from another region?" asked the Smeargle,who's name was Monna and her team name was Team Fire Stars. "Is that even possible?"asked the Axew named Sweettooth and was part of a team named Team Chipper. "I knew there were more lands outside of Parai..."the Torkoal named Hector Steamer from Team Steam Shell,"But what are your names,lads?"

    "My name is Midna,"Midna called out,"And this fellow is my partner and team leader,Link. We're Team Twilight,and the region we come from is called Eluryhethria." There were more hushed whispers from the crowd. "Grampa,have you herd of a region called Eluryhethria?"asked the blue-eyed Wartortle named Aqua Steamer."In my 100 years alive,I don't recall any region called like that,"replied Hector,"It must be very far!" "I have a question..."the tiny Chimchar named Travis raised his hand"Mr. Link,why are your eyes blue?"

    The crowd waited for Link's reply,but no matter how hard he wished,not a single word could be heard from Link,the only thing that was heard was a sad,longing sigh. "Mr. Link,are you okay?"Travis asked and then leaned down to whisper to Monna,"Aunty Monna,what's wrong with him?" "Sorry folks,"Midna replied,"I think I needed to say this before:My partner Link can't talk."
    The Q & A session went on,every Pokemon in the crowd asked Midna and Link questions,about their hometowns, adventures,hobbies and friendships from the region they came from. "You know a Snivy that doesn't behave like other Snivy?!"The Snivy name Vex asked, "Craaaazy!!" "And is it true that you liked that Oshawott?"asked Mia,but as soon as she asked this,Link's cheeks reddened a bit,and his ears drooped in embarrassment. "And you come from a completely frozen tundra that is always dark?"asked the Sneasel named Yuko,"Cool..."

    The party went on after a bit,but then the adult Pokemon called off the younger Pokemon to bed. "Aaaawwwwww....."the children moaned. The Pokemon began to return to their houses,but before leaving,they went up to the newcomers and gave them a firm welcome. Soon, all the Pokemon were gone,the stars in the sky shining brightly and a waxing crescent moon was overhead the peaceful city. Link and Midna went to their bed and snuggled under the blanket,but before falling asleep,Link wrote a letter for a certain team back at Eluryhethria.
    "You're gonna write to Oshawott,Snivy and Tepig?"asked Midna,"Just don't stay up so late making a long love letter!"teased Midna as she nudged him playfully. The candle dimmed,but Link could still see his handwriting,and after a few minutes,his letter was finished. He folded the letter,placed it on the nightstand,turned of the candle,and closed his eyes.

    His mind was still running after the excitement of the day,the party. He thought that maybe life in Andalusst may be a new adventure,and just like any other Link,he was always ready for a new adventure.
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