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The wizard and apprentice

markl is just so cute and you never actually see howl giving him a lesson in magic, so this is how i thought it may look like.
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OMG I LOVE HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE!!!! this is SO awesome!!
Zooi-Chan's avatar
Amazing! I'd love to be able to create something like this. Great perspective :)
ColourfulThoughts's avatar
My Ra I love their expressions so much. :D the colours, details, light, everything is so perfectly in place i feel like I'm right there next to the two. This deserves more faves, so let me help you with that. ;)
mermaid1213's avatar
totally awesome!!! markl looks a bit freaked out ;)
Animefreakblackstuff's avatar
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
Aurinya's avatar
beautiful composition and I love all the details put into the items and glow and lighting etc. It definitely has that magical aura. :D
Kaptin-Kudzu's avatar
SO CUTE!! Added it to my faves :) Awesome work!!
kkbook's avatar
have you read the Howl's Moving Castle original book? I found it kindof funny that his original name was Michael, and Markl is the English adaptation of the Japanese adaptation of the name. I wonder why they didn't just call him Michael... =/
anyways, the book is really sweet. you should read it, if you haven't already :meow:

and of course, your painting is amazing.
thewomaninred's avatar
uhh this is so Howl :XD:
somewell's avatar
Very nice!
Is it Howl?
Wilpan's avatar
the color is pretty awesome :omg:
Frost-child's avatar
Bravo! The colors are great and they really bounce throughout the painting. Marl's little cowlick hair doo looks good and the expressions in their faces and body language really show what they're thinking! Bravo! Bravismo!
neohin's avatar
wow, great job with the background!
it reminds me a bit of "Fantasia" the scene with Mickey as sorcerer's apprentice <3
GreenPeridot's avatar
very cute! Awesome job on the magical flame! :clap:
IloveRiku987's avatar
dude that is soooo cool I love it and the colours!!
The-kat's avatar
I think you captured the characters really well~ :D
Amazing pretty colors~ x3
magic-maker101's avatar
Its great to see some great Howls moving castle fan art :) I love this drawing and the colours are great, if you haven't read the book i'd greatly recommend it :)
velancia's avatar
Wow, great!! I love the magic/light effects. And Markl's face, of course XD Howl looks so crazy, gotta love that too! :+fav:
trillean's avatar
The colors and shading in this are really amazing.
HumorlessPoppycock's avatar
*punches self* WHY have I not seen this yet. Geez.
'Tis amazing of course, and I really love how you shoved in all that Miyazaki-type clutter.
100% fave :)
kayshasiemens's avatar
Wow, this is the BEST Howl's Moving Castle fanart I've ever seen! Like a missing scene, it fits so perfectly! I love it.
totally-an-otaku's avatar
LOL... I can totally picture Howl being his fruit-loop self and Markl freaking out, dude!

Another awesome job!!!
SakuraxChan's avatar
Such lovely painting.
And the lighting is so goood C:
VincentYuffieFan's avatar
Holy crap it's pretty!! Love the colors especially!!
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