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Galacon 2013: Dark Princess Big Mac vs. Fluttershy

By Cwossie
Edit: A wild better video appears:…
Also, who noticed the message in the background? ;)

So... this might take a while:
One of the special guests of Galacon 2013 was Peter New, voice actor of many MLP characters but mostly known as Big Mac.
Just as last year, the very last part of the programme was a charity auction where all the voice actors were present as well, offering special perks. Peter New offered a hug from himself... and suddenly, things started to happen. First a bra appeared on stage and he decided to wear it for the hug. Then he got his wings and horn as the actual Princess Big Mac, except for being a bit darker... and finally a yoke. This made people really excited and the hug finally sold for €260.
The lucky winner was my friend, cosplaying his favorite Fluttershy - hence the Fluttershy with a bag of bits. I was feeling kinda obligated to make it for him. And for Peter too, because he made something special for me as well - I got a personal "Schmoopy-doo" from him while I was cosplaying Miss Cheerilee.

For those who missed the livestream or event itself there's a video link:…
Also, follow Peter New (@ActorPeterNew) on twitter, he's really awesome! :D
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Itoruna-The-Platypus's avatar
Big Macintosh in a bra is the best thing ever.
evil-vivianne's avatar
why is macintosh wearing a bra? o3o
Cwossie's avatar
Did you watch the videos in the description? It's all there.
evil-vivianne's avatar
i didnt because the laptop im using doesnt have the flash player instaled :I
Cwossie's avatar
It's also shortly explained in the description.
The words in the background seem to be the opening lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody
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This will settle in my memory forever as a the memory of all that happened at the Gala this year :) Big thank you my friend!
RuffyLuffyMuffy's avatar
Me and my boyfriend were sitting in the 3rd row during the auction, it was awesome xD 
Also he bid for the luna plate and celestia coffee mug and won owo
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Everybody seems to forget about the Pinkie Pie plushie keyring ;) Somebody payed 80€ to ManlyStitches for it at his vendor table. It's a really well made plushie! Even Flutterguy nearly went down the stage without it. I hope he appreciates it :)

Anyway, nice picture! I didn't expect that to happen :)
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ManlyStitches was repeatedly murdering my bubbles so he deserves that I forgot about him :D just kidding, it was kinda impossible to think of all the things in the hurry. I didn't include the mask either, I was focusing just to the three most important parts: horn, wings, bra.
steeph-k's avatar
Yeah, no problem :) I just thought the plushie was important enough to mention.
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Jamis FTW!!!
killb94's avatar
...Big Mac with bra is creeping the fuck out of me...
MrMarcel2605's avatar
IT WAS AMAZING!!! Never laughed so much. 
NicolasDominique's avatar
This... this is perfect xD
Rebron-y's avatar
D'ho, wow. Wowee wowee wow.
TheGentlecoltAlex's avatar
Wish I'd been there to watch my OTP become 20% more canon XD
DarthWill3's avatar
Aw... That's so cute!
Legeden's avatar
Fluttershy chyba Gala Dress inac je to dokonale! :D
Nachtana's avatar
Wow. That didn't took long for a Fanart. And this will be in my memory forever.
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