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Well, I've retrieved my camera adaptor, and now just to get Soldier-of-Industry to come out and take some pictures with me.

More importantly, I've been lagging on maskmaking due to a number of factors: I'm in school. I'm participating as webmaster of a Gaelic Cultural Society. I've been performing at local festivals put on by a Chinese culture club - including an impromptu Peking Opera. (I don't dance, act or even exercise, so boy was that interesting...)

I have a new website that I've hardly had time to touch.

On the other hand, I've got more reliable form mail, and a new email address, so that'll come in handy, not to mention the tremendous lot of storage space.
Soon to come:
- That Greenman I never photographed.
- That Puck I never photographed complete. (I have my camera now!!)
- A Fox (red), a larger, dimensional mask
- A Bauta, a traditional Venetian style
- A Wood Fae, one of my favorites yet - yes, I have another fairy on the way!

Lastly, I'm beginning to entertain ideas about a midsummer masquerade this year. The notion's been appealing for years, but I'm beginning to have ideas as to how it might actually be feasible... if some elements fall into proper place. More on this later.

About the Masks:
Generally speaking, the masks are painted formed leather, usually in a single layer. They're hand-sculpted with no mold, and occasionally surface carving or tooling is employed. They are lined in suede and unvarnished on the inner face to preserve the natural breathing quality of the leather for comfort. The outer face is painted and water-resistant. By virtue of the quality of materials, they tend to be reasonably durable, gently flexible, and very lightweight.

Commission Information:
If you like any of the masks in my gallery or would like a custom mask, please feel free to ask. All sales are by commission - very rarely do I have extra masks laying around for sale, because if they aren't created with an owner in mind I tend to get too attached, and because I have precious little spare time. (The good news is it means more versatility in what you can request.) My availability for commission varies tremendously because I have a full-time life entirely outside of artwork - 80% of the year I am cramming any art I do into a 27-hour-a-day schedule. However, I am open for inquiry at any time. If you are a dA member, you can write me a note; otherwise, you can contact me through my website, whatever you feel comfortable with.

Clubs to Look Into
:iconleatherartisans: :iconmask-making-artisans:
Gorgeous leatherwork by talented craftspeople, a club with a warm and open community; a maskmaker's community showcasing a number of artists and very diverse styles.
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Submitted on
February 26, 2007