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Okay, first off, thanks to LeatherArtisans for getting me to upload my work, and then a much bigger thanks for selecting my Greenman Mask as second place in their Wearables contest!! Thanks for the subscription!! If you're looking for great leatherwork, you know where to go.

Secondly, to everyone who has left a favorite or comment since then - thank you very much! I WILL get back to you - I've been sick, and I'm now in the middle of finals - as soon as it's over I'll be all over dA ogling your work.

Thirdly, thanks to ohnojaylo for featuring me in this Notable Artisan Crafts article - it's a series of one pick for each category weekly. Thanks so much! Go check her page out, she's got some amazing work up, both hers and others' work featured in her journal.

If you hadn't guessed, my reaction to all this has been a mighty fangirlish SQUEEing such as the world hasn't seen since.... the release of Twilight Princess. o.o'

I've got more work coming - four new masks, and a bunch of new ideas I might be able to execute over the break - but I've got to take another three exams and finish some major school projects before that. And make a lot of squibbling noises as I reply to comments. Thank you!!
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Submitted on
December 9, 2006