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...Also known as "I have no time."

I have little new up - I've been busy getting back into the semester - but I hope to implement some new design ideas before long. I left my camera adapter at home and have been thus unable to photograph my extant new completed masks...
Largely, I'm here because I realized I didn't ever stick LeatherArtisans into my profile. (Sorry, guys!! :blush: Everybody go check out the cool leatherworkers!)

I'm still behind on comment/ favorite/ watch replies - so if I haven't gotten to you, I'm very sorry - I've not even had time for making the art that's been buzzing in the back of my brain, and if you're on dA I'm sure you know how little time that means I must have. x.X But I will respond!!

Note to self: One must feed creativity to get it to produce anything. This is why I've recently purchased Season One of Greg Weisman's Gargoyles TV show on DVD. Let's see what happens after the package arrives on Wednesday.

Soon to come:
- One Bamberg Greenman in summer green with copper accenting
- One Puckish character prototype in sparkling, warm fey greens, with silver accents
- One Fox - yes, I figured her out! - likely to be of the Red variety.

(There'll be more foxes to follow her, but based on the size of her ears I'd say she's probably a Red. Because of this innovation, I'll have some Wolf masks before long - and just about every other long-nosed or -beaked creature I've been hesitant to attempt since I started this leather business. Ravens, eagles and Western dragons, ho!)

- Some odd embroidery I did on a pair of jeans I bought with an old giftcard that had an odd dye job - the wrinkles in the back pockets made the patterning resemble feathered wings. On the rear end of the wearer. Erm.... (Hey, anybody have any opinions on whether I ought to scrap it? I'm almost tempted to keep this gallery masks-only, and use my scraps for everything else.)

About the Masks:
Generally speaking, the masks are painted formed leather, usually in a single layer. They're hand-sculpted with no mold, and occasionally surface carving or tooling is employed. They are lined in suede and unvarnished on the inner face to preserve the natural breathing quality of the leather for comfort. The outer face is painted and water-resistant. By virtue of the quality of materials, they tend to be reasonably durable, gently flexible, and very lightweight.

Commission Information:
If you like any of the masks in my gallery or would like a custom mask, please feel free to ask. All sales are by commission - very rarely do I have extra masks laying around for sale, because if they aren't created with an owner in mind I tend to get too attached, and because I have precious little spare time. (The good news is it means more versatility in what you can request.) My availability for commission varies tremendously because I have a full-time life entirely outside of artwork - 80% of the year I am cramming any art I do into a 27-hour-a-day schedule. However, I am open for inquiry at any time. If you are a dA member, please write me a note; if you are not, you can contact me through this page.

Clubs to Look Into
:iconleatherartisans: - Gorgeous leatherwork by talented craftspeople, a club with a warm and open community. I'm just trying to come up with something cool and carefully-sculpted enough to submit.
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hazardous-ink Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2007
It's all good missy! It's thoughtful of you to let us know what's going on with you! Thanks for the update! I patiently wait for your deviations! Hope you are well!
cwicseolfor Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
The fox is actually on its way; I'm breaking right now so I can get to a point where my fingers are providing me feedback again. Typing probably isn't a way to speed that, though....

Glad to hear from you, and to see you're enjoying yourself on the trains, too! Anything that makes a morning pleasant ^-^
vpf Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2007   Digital Artist
im in ur journal reedin ur entriez about ur maskz
cwicseolfor Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Better than in my macaronis... x.x
Love for the Russian!
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January 26, 2007