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Well, just the one new mask for tonight, unless I start hearing about people wanting to see some of my oldest work (I snapped a couple shots of my Small Gargoyle). My spring break ended abruptly ahead of schedule, so I got to do less photography and preparations on my website than I'd like. On the other hand, I think I'll be getting more of my site up tonight, so I'll probably go ahead and add it to my dA profile, along with the little button I made. If I don't, it's because I got too tired to finish uploading the page.

Sneak peak on one of the pieces I've got coming up (I won't say which) here. Delicate, in other words. I largely do fairly sturdy shapes in my masks, so I have a couple of slender, delicate pieces coming up soon - a little harder to make (particularly to make them strong despite appearances), but the effects seem to be lovely.

I swear, the others are coming, just I have to get through the next burst of work at school - following that I'll be doing a lot of art as a way to keep myself from stressing over finals. I hope.

Soon to come:
- a Red Fox (He's finished! Just doesn't like to be photographed.)
- a Wood Fae
- a piece for my Shadows gallery, a delicate but sharp mask to be paired with a collar and hairpiece (very excited about this one for next Halloween)

About the Masks:
Generally speaking, the masks are painted formed leather, usually in a single layer. They're hand-sculpted with no mold, and occasionally surface carving or tooling is employed. They are lined in suede and unvarnished on the inner face to preserve the natural breathing quality of the leather for comfort. The outer face is painted and water-resistant. By virtue of the quality of materials, they tend to be reasonably durable, gently flexible, and very lightweight.

Commission Information:
If you like any of the masks in my gallery or would like a custom mask, please feel free to ask. All sales are by commission - very rarely do I have extra masks laying around for sale, because if they aren't created with an owner in mind I tend to get too attached, and because I have precious little spare time. (The good news is it means more versatility in what you can request.) My availability for commission varies tremendously because I have a full-time life entirely outside of artwork - 80% of the year I am cramming any art I do into a 27-hour-a-day schedule. However, I am open for inquiry at any time. If you are a dA member, you can write me a note; otherwise, you can contact me through my website, whatever you feel comfortable with.

Clubs to Look Into
:iconleatherartisans: :iconmask-making-artisans:
LeatherArtisans - Gorgeous leatherwork by talented craftspeople, a club with a warm and open community.
Mask-Making-Artisans - A maskmaker's community showcasing a number of artists and some very diverse styles.
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insomniacs-nightmare Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2007   Traditional Artist
I would love love LOVE to have a mask made by you, but am I right in thinking I'd have to pay VERY good money for it!?

(No criticism there - I think you really should be charging sky-high prices for the masterpieces you manage to create!)

SO I would just like you to know that ONE DAY I will comission a mask from you, it may not be very soon, as I am out of work right now (starving artist, lowly student, etc, etc), but one day in the future I will DEFINITELY be wanting a mask from you.

Also I can't wait for this exciting Hallowe'en project, you make is seem so amazing!
cwicseolfor Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
1. Thank you for realizing that handmade does not mean 'mass-produced by child slave laborers from cheap materials in a third-world country.' Seriously, it's entirely too rare.
2. ...Depends on what your definition of 'very good money' is. Pricing is a fluid thing because I'm getting faster, because occasionally I'll change something in my technique, and because materials costs vary; the prices tend to be materials plus an hourly rate for labor. At the moment, pricing starts around $30 USD. Shipping internationally I haven't done yet, but I like to insure because it's so inexpensive to do compared to the price of the item.
Last off, don't worry too much about the whens and the price tag - if you come up with an idea at some point, toy with it, develop it if you like it - there's no expiration on ideas. If you come back in fifty years and I'm not dead or arthritic, I'll see about making it work. ^-^
Very glad to hear you like the work - thanks for the feedback, it's appreciated greatly and very helpful!
insomniacs-nightmare Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2007   Traditional Artist
To be honest, I was expecting you to put a much higher price tag on your work. I'm in the UK, I don't know how that works in terms of shipping.

I'll see what I can do in the way of ideas. I've always wanted a Venetian style mask, but I've never really got any further than that!
ebell1 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2007  Hobbyist
awesomness :woot: i havn't given up on trying i just havn't been able to get any vegetable tanned leather for it DX... i can't wait to see the new masks it looks like it will be awesome!
cwicseolfor Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Tandy Leather will allow you to order by phone. I'd check their location list and make sure there isn't a shop nearby. (Caveat - the shops in my experience vary WILDLY in quality. I've been treated like dirt at a shop in one city and nearly adopted by the people working at another. It's partly 'cause of when Tandy Leather Company was taken over by The Leather Factory - the former's a much more person-friendly high-quality company than the latter.) You also might be able to find a small piece of tooling leather at a Michael's somewhere - it's dramatically marked up in price but still a small investment, and it'll give you an idea of what you're dealing with.

As far as the new masks... the fox just doesn't want to be photographed. The Wood Fae could be gorgeous if I could just get all the tooling worked out; I got careless, and it took the wrong position after a tooling session and distorted, so I'm trying to work that out too. But it was my own fault, and preventable, so that's good...
ebell1 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2007  Hobbyist
this is awesome!! thank you....awww..yea most of my stuff doesn't like the alot of my photos are kind of crappy even though my things look pretty good
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March 24, 2007