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Can we say, procrastination?

I have an immense workload over the next two weeks, PLUS I've got to finish my costume - yes, the whole frock coat, and some hemming on the vest - and I have no idea if I'm going to make it on time. Particularly because the muse's been exceptionally contrary lately - I've got a test and a half in the morning and all I want to do is absorb about an hour or so's worth more on Celadon & Sings-To-Trees and Night City, then spend all morning painting something grim.

And I have received a number of very kind comments and even some favorites and addwatches over the last month or two, and not had the time to reply just yet - very sorry, no offense intended, I'm just a college student on an utterly terrifying schedule!

Back to Latin and Chinese - hopefully, there will be a lessening of my workload following the weekend of Friday, October 13th and I'll be able to rejoin the community in the manner I prefer.
Every once in a while. Tonight, the long-awaited avatar - I have this bad habit of not making any sort of user icon or avatar when I join a forum, a journal service, a gallery, and partly it's out of my perfectionism (no idea I have, or execution I make of it, is ever satisfactory), but it bothers me anyway, because it's also sort of embarrassing for a wannabe visual artist to go without, especially when I have the hardware and software available to make reasonably cool stuff.

Coming eventually: a few more masks (columbinas, dominos, a marvelous Jester and anything else that should happen along), some drafts for logo design for my website (funny story, I don't have one, because none of my ideas seem good enough, but that embarasses me), and a series of miniature polymer beads and charms I made a while back as part of a planned goblin costume (you can read about that here). Should also be posting some scraps of my mockup for a leather frock coat and some of the accompanying design sketches.

And then I expect there to be an art drought, because I'll be returning to school, with no time for art, and a lot of other things to be doing. But rooming with an art major will hopefully keep me on task after I get settled in (although whether that task is really the one I OUGHT to be concentrating on, given that I'm not an art major, and art gets me no academic advantage... oh well, no point living if you can't create, eh?)
I've finally submitted my first deviation, which is in fact a photo from prom, but mostly with the purpose of showing off the two masks pictured. Those masks are certainly worth the deviation emoticon for me. :deviation:

More masks coming soon, sans-artist. Then maybe a quick shot of some polymer charms I've been making for a costume, including a rather remarkable smaller-than-1"-diameter miniature charm version of my goblin mask, as kind of a fourth-wall nod to the costume itself (not to mention the person in the costume).

Should also have a creepy weird dID image up soon, as I'm sure I can shoot something with the webcam, and due to the very nature of the webcam I will have to make some kind of unpleasantly maniacal expression... :crazy:
Got another scrap sketch uploaded, but this time dA accepted my descriptions. And that's just cool.

REAL art coming soon, including a number of the masks, in various stages of completeness.
I knew there was some kind of friending/ subscription/ other networking thing you could do. But I kinda forgot what it was. But as soon as I found I was watched I figured that out.

I'm really not usually THAT slow.

Anyway, I just added anybody whose information was readily available, if you wanna be removed I'll do it, but I'd hope you don't mind me lookin' at your stuff. ^-^ I like seeing friends' art. And reading friends' work. And giggling at friends' emoticons.

If I didn't add you, I wasn't sure you were you and didn't want to watch total strangers. So drop a note.

Maybe soon I'll put up some work myself... x.x

Also, what is this thing?? :dygel: It's cute and mildly evil-looking, and I like it.
I knew this day would come, years ago, when as a young would-be artist new to the internet I discovered other galleries beyond Elfwood. I clung to Lothlorien - and why not, when my art was almost purely high fantasy, when my persona was invariably the Hamadryad...

But time always brings a shift.

I just hope this doesn't eat my life the way facebook did. I sort of wonder if I can balance this with all the other things I'm trying to manage in my online life, and whether I'll come back once my offline life comes back this fall.