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This Day Will Never End

DS4P -> Reality/LuxRender to 2650S/p
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Very cool executed. They have sweet home xD
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But such a cute little creature should pick up your spirits ^_~
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Been there, great expression!  You really captured it.  

And if you want, kids freebies link- shoes and clothing, all really wonderful.

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Thanks.  I'll have a look at their shoes, but I don't hold much hope of the transfer utility in Studio converting them into something usable on Genesis.  (Shoes are one thing the transfer utility almost universally destroys...)
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I feel sorry for the poor kid in high heels. That can't be comfortable at her age.
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This is the first time I've ever rendered a child, and those are the closest I had to flat kid-like shoes.  Most of the shoes I have are all high-healed boots/pumps/etc, as well as some sandals that didn't really fit with the theme here, either.
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Yeah, there seems to be an abundance of heels for female figures and very few practical shoes. I'm more of a fan of the latter for several reasons, namely them being easier to pose with and more suitable for every day use.
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Boy do I know that feeling!!!
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Heh.  I suspect we've all had days like that.
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