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Steampunk Sniper

By cwichura
DS4P -> Reality/LuxRender to ~4000S/p

In retrospect, the specularity of the material used for the hat and parts of the vest is a bit too high. I like how this kitbash'd outfit turned out, though, so if I use it again, I'll fix it then.

At reduced resolution, it looks like the datacable is going through her hand, and there is a piece of the rifle's stock missing. But viewed at full resolution, you can see that neither of these is true. The stock is attached by a couple metal spacer rods, which are hard to see with the strong back-light at reduced resolution.
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nice idea, teaming her with this little bot ;)
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Thanks.  Klank is a fun little bot character.
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you´re welcome,
my first thought was "oh, look a mechanical version of Rocket Raccoon"
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I like the combination of the pair of character and the floors are esp lovely. Yes I looked at the floor rather than the girl's amazing breast LoL
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Really nice work on the materials here.
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I like this one... its oddly compelling.
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