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Retro Pinup 001

By cwichura
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DS4P -> Reality/LuxRender to 1300S/p

Put this one together quickly as another test of the new cloth material in LuxRender. Here, the camera is close enough that you can see the thread/weave simulation of the cloth material (at least when viewing the render at full resolution). The 'retro' print is using the cotton_twill weave preset, with specular of .05. The source texture map is all solid colour patches, so the weave you see is generated entirely by the cloth material simulation. All instances of the 'retro' print use the same repeat setting of 300, making the threading a bit too fine to really see in the choker and the gloves. The white tube top is using the silk_charmeuse weave preset with specular of .087 mixed with the null material for a slight bit of transparency.

The curtains in the background are Lux's velvet material.
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love the picture and the retro outfit is killer
Gator3D's avatar
Awesome work!  I really like the unique outfit, along with the model of course.
Arokhrynn's avatar
Looks very great, thanks.
shadowl1980's avatar
What type of rig are you running.
cwichura's avatar
A two year old quad core i7 laptop.
shadowl1980's avatar
Dang Gotta get me a new comp.
Digital-Blend's avatar
Amazing, love it! :)
Alexlo's avatar
I love this use of the new Lux material! It look like Paolo has squeezed it in to Reality 3 for Poser!! I can't wait :clap: :clap:
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wow, looks rather amazing, can't wait till Reality 3 if its going to be available. also, I couldn't help but notice you the detail on the white leather sofa she is sitting on.
any way I can bother you for the Material settings 9w9; White leather has been giving me a bit of a headache
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The couch is using the diffuse and bump map textures for the white preset that it came with. The mat pose file is a Poser-file, though, so the bump came in with very low strength in Studio. I multiplied the strength by 10 in Reality, making it 47. Other than that, I left the settings alone; it's got very low specularity (8/8/8 with no map) while glossiness is probably too high at 9500. No surface fuzz/top coat/translucency. For the metal parts of the couch (which you can't actually see in this particular render given the camera angle), I set them to Lux's metal material with silver preset nk data.
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thanks for the fast reply

Low spec. - high gloss
I'm assuming the Negative and positive bump was set at -.001 and +.001 at 47% strength?
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I only changed the strength, the neg/pos was what Reality converted it as, which is likely -/+ .001. Unfortunately, I leave for a business trip early AM and won't have access to the machine with the scene file to confirm until the weekend. But as I said, I only changed the strength parameter, not the neg/pos.
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good to know
it may be the quality of the bump maps I have that seem to be the issue, I will experiment with these settings
Thanks again
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Wow, this is so neat. The hair is just amazing.
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Thanks. The hair is Lumen Hair by SWAM, which is rather unique. It's available from Renderosity: [link]
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She looks amazing...
Mild2Wild-Studios's avatar
Awesome image, really love the hair and lighting !!! :D
EHXKOR's avatar
i absolutely ove the hair~
i really thought this was an actual person until i saw the thing saying its digital arts... thats pretty amazing...
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