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Pool Shark

DS4P -> Reality/LuxRender to 1750S/p

This is my first attempt at using the new Look At My Hair plugin to create hair for a figure. The hair is 120,000 strands, with root thickness set to 50 and tip thickness set to 15 in LAMH. LAMH is a tool that will require some getting used to to make really good looking hair, but I see promise in it.

The background looks pretty bad, I know, even with replacing all the textures with tiled+normaled ones. And the table felt isn't that great, either. (It's a tiled texture set to Lux's velvet material.) The pool balls came out nice, though. To get their effect, each ball has a geometry shell set to volumetric ("hyper-realistic" in Reality's "friendly" naming) glass with an IOR of 1.5.

The skin is the new V5 Elite Texture Nichole.
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Oh yes! very nice indeed :)