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DS4P -> Reality/LuxRender to 5850S/p

Used the RSX2 200 film response in Lux for this render. The rain is Flinks Rain #4 set to Reality's water pseudo-material with ripple set to 0. For the wet ground look, I loaded a second copy of the Urban Future 4 ground object, raised it by 1cm and set that to Reality's water pseudo-material with ripple set to .1. The wet maps on the figure are from Orcamaid.

Primary light is a large mesh light (scaled to 1000%) high up set to 4125k for moonlight temperature.
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FluffyBush's avatar
And I like this even more...
Arokhrynn's avatar
Absolutely superb! :-)
James-Dark-Blue-Wolf's avatar
Damn very hot and sexy!
this is sweet. makes me think of my Cyber punk charicter of old
LOSTgnosis's avatar
Great Blade Runner type image
SuperBoomTurbo's avatar
Very creative solution for the wet pavement! I'd never thought about trying that =D The rain looks great too, if but a lil cold, hee hee
cwichura's avatar
The pavement would be even easier now that DAZ has fixed some of the geometry shell bugs I reported. I had tried using a shell at first, but in the first official 4.5 release version, the shell bugs made a mess of it, so I instead manually loaded and offset a second instance of the ground prop.
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Moonlight is at 4125k? think maybe I should had looked that up along time ago lol ^^;

its a really nice effect, been fighting with Reality/Lux with a dark scene setting
cwichura's avatar
Yeah, I found on the Wikipedia page ([link]) Googling it.
daedolon2003's avatar
absolutely amazing work
robbiepeeradje's avatar
:wow: Excellent, I like the rain a lot :-)
Nice work, knowing how difficult it is to do a good image at night time.
Great job. :D
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