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Lavender Angel

DS4P -> Reality/LuxRender to 7850S/p
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I never had chance to comment on this. It's top quality work. Definitely one of your best, and the details and render quality are extremely impressive. Very unique.
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This looks so awesome!
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7850 S/p :eyepopping:
Can you tell me how long that took please?
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For this image, I had access to four extra slave machines, so it was around 16 hours. Sadly, that was only temporary while the machines were in limbo between projects, and I'm back down to only 1-2 slaves (depending on memory used by the render, one of the slaves only has 8GB of RAM, so can't be used for more complex scenes).
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This has been featured here! [link]
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Very cool. The details in this are amazing, and I really love the complexity of the outfit and the environment. Lighting is outstanding as well. Great piece.
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very cool image and those wings are amazing :)
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Yeah, I'm a sucker for wings and with these having the armor add-on, they were an instant buy even though I must already have ten different sets of angle and fairy wings... :)
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Well you put them to wonderful use :)
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I have to ask: What wings are those and where did you get them? They look amazing. :)
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They are the Malaik wings ([link]) with the wing armor from Angeloi - the Accessories ([link]), available from RDNA.
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Oh I like her ... love the thurible!
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