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King to A5

DS4P -> Reality/LuxRender to 23.14kS/p

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King to A5 - Print Version by cwichura

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King to A5 - 21x9 Ultrawide by cwichura
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King to A5 - 32x9 Ultrawide by cwichura

My initial take on the "sexy chess players on a life-sized game board" theme that seems popular here at deviantART. The position of the pieces and the move in progress are from a famous match between two masters.

The chess pieces are all volumetric glass with an IOR of 2 (crystal). The white pieces have 0 absorption, white the black pieces have max absorption. I used the Sunny1 IBL from the Skies of Reality Volume Two to give the glass an environment to reflect. It's a little odd to have a chess board floating in the sky like this, but then with the way the figure in black is dressed in particular, it reminds me of the game Bayonetta with all the sequences in the sky. There are also two mesh lights, one to give the stronger shadows on the game board and the other at much lower power to provide a bit of fill, particularly for the figure in white.

Both figures are Genesis. I was surprised at how well the SugarV4 outfit was adapted by the transfer tool. The skirt was even almost usable, though I did end up just loading it and parenting it to the figure to avoid the problems it had in the back after conversion. Shoes, of course, are a lost cause with the transfer tool...

Since people invariably ask when my renders have a high S/p, this render took three i7 machines a little over 62 hours to reach 15,500 S/p.
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DaniGirl2's avatar
This is great!
Arokhrynn's avatar
It is splendid!MushroomBear- Thanku
vscan's avatar
Beautiful work.
SloshWerks's avatar
Beautiful! I was not expecting this when you linked to it in our current discussion. Was it worth the 62 hours and 3 machines? I would say, "Yes."
geminii23's avatar
Wow! This is all sorts of awesome!
morgana147's avatar
Great scene .. very well done !
BramaleaArtist's avatar
This is simply amazing. Your work (and the work of your 3 i7's) paid off!
woome650's avatar
can i play too
AbsolutVaklav's avatar
Spectacular scene, and amazing variation on these ladies' outfits...
Atlantean6's avatar
Beautiful work, here. :) I think it's very, very nice.
mbinz's avatar
Loving this one too! (when you say below that the two slave machines belong to work, I assume you mean the additional i7s, not the ladies in the image... ;) )
cwichura's avatar
Heh. Too funny. Yes, the i7s. :)
WF3D's avatar
Absolutely beautiful, although 62 hours and three machines scares me - I doubt that I could ever reach that level of S/p unless I started a render, went on vacation, and came back about a week later!
lolatmyself23's avatar
Very good render. I love that background.
VKrull's avatar
3 i7 machines? Damn. That aside....very alluring piece of art here. :)
cwichura's avatar
The two slaves are machines at work, not mine.
VKrull's avatar
Still, you produce fine art with it's all good.
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