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JetBike Pinup 001

By cwichura
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DS4P -> Reality/LuxRender to 7500S/p

Set this one up using some old classics. The JetBike materials were entirely re-done, as the originals relied heavily on the Poser shadertree, which isn't supported by DAZ Studio. Almost all materials on the bike were converted to Lux's metal type (save for the things that should be glass or emitters (like the headlamps) and then the seat is leather, but you can't see that from this angle). I used a couple shaders from the DAZ SuperSuit to get a few of the displacement maps, like for the main shell of the bike, but those are still set to Lux's metal type.

UPDATED 2014-10-11 with many changes and rendered at higher resolution.  This was the original introduction of my blue Twi'lek character.  There were a bunch of things wrong with her materials that I've since corrected over the last two+ years.  To start with, due to an error in conversion to linear colour, her skin wasn't really blue, but more of a cyan.  Her bump map settings were all wrong for Lux, resulting in them basically being invisible; they are all converted to normal maps and work much better now.  The Lekku geometry is quite low resolution, and had visible faceting.  It has had several levels of subdivision applied, and the bumps also converted to normal maps.  The Lekku have been better colour matched with her skin as well.  Her spacesuit was also pretty low resolution, with massive faceting showing around the breasts (especially when rendered at higher resolutions), so also has subdivision applied.  Additionally, the bike was changed a bit, as the tiled texture used for the shell had seam alignment issues; in the end, I scrapped it and went with a normal map based texture.  I also corrected the parts of the bike set to Lux's metal2 material with a colour of 0/0/0, which Lux doesn't like (causes black void zones).  There are other little changes I am forgetting.  Lastly, I re-rendered this with a bunch of extra camera angles (probably too many) as well as a couple print versions.

Alternate versions:
JetBike Pinup 001 - Closeup by cwichura JetBike Pinup 001 - Headshot by cwichura JetBike Pinup 001 - Portrait by cwichura

Print versions:
JetBike Pinup 001 - Print by cwichura JetBike Pinup 001 - Print - Square by cwichura JetBike Pinup 001 - Print - Portrait by cwichura
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very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I like lix's results, but damm it takes long to render with it!
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