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Huntress in the Woods

DS4P -> Reality/LuxRender to ~2200S/p

Put this one together very quickly yesterday and let it run overnight, since I fly out for a conference today. The "Return to the Enchanted Forest" prop set actually converts really well by default in Reality; all I did was change the water to Reality's water material. For the archer, I only really changed the metals to use Lux's metal material. The various bows that I tried (the one seen here was the third bow I tried) all needed their specularity and glossiness reduced considerably for most of their material zones.

Lit only by sun+sky. I reduced the gain on the sun to around 33% while leaving the sky at 100%. When the sun was at 100%, it was just too bright to be in a wooded forest.
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The environment materials look excellent. I'd like to see some specular effect on her skin. I imagine the climate would be humid, and she would perhaps perspire moving through that kind of terrain.
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This is Really Awesome, Great Job !!!