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High Fashion in the Streets of Asia

DS4P -> Reality/LuxRender to 5000S/p
No postwork, other than to heal out a couple tiny fireflies on the jacket and a very tiny poke-through on the skirt (that isn't visible in the DAZ 3Delight native "proof" render I did before converting to Reality).

This is my first render using dynamic clothing in DAZ Studio. The skirt, top and jacket are all dynamics. Once you figure out how to get things to drape properly, they come out looking really good in my opinion. There is, however, a problem with the bump map on the skirt. I'm not sure if its how Reality converted the skirt, or how Lux applied the bump map. A native DAZ 3Delight render (which looks like crap compared to the Lux render) has the skirt bump map seamlessly applied across the entire skirt.

The environment is "Streets of Asia 2". Everything was converted by Reality to glossy materials, which was gloss overkill when first rendered. I switched all the concrete and walls to matte. I also switched the water plane to use Lux's built-in water material.
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Great render. Great Lux materials. The PVC and hair are damn nice in particular. Was the skirt meant to be the same material? I think it looks fine the way it is, but matching PVC skirt is hot too ;) Stonemason's Streets of Asia so often makes for a beautiful backdrop - long time on my wishlist.
wow, very sharp. love it. looks very real! hope I can get one looking this good someday!
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:iconzombiefella2plz: Good job!
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Very great scene & nice use of the Reality plug-in. Well done.
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Very sexy outfit. Great DOF too. :)
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This is a very beautiful scene and I love her outfit!
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Very detailed scene! I missed this one when I first looked at your gallery I think. This is very impressive. I like the work your did here on the materials most of all.
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Everything about this is good.The textures are wonderful - lots of tweaking in Reality I bet.The clothing fits beautifully.Fine work.
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So that's what 5000 samples looks like! Wow :)
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a beautiful scene!
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:omg: amazing render.
Appreciate the DOF, the reflection of the water is real nice, but somehow it doesn't fit?
Perhaps a little rimple in the water would help...
Anyway, true impressive :-)
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This came out rather nice! Nice water reflections too! :)
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Yeah, Lux's water material has impressed me a lot.
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Yes, the water can be fun!

One thingI have found in converting objects to water material, keep your eye on the mesh density. If the mesh isn't dense enough to resolve any ripple setting, they will look jagged (as will the reflections). Increasing the sub division in the modifiers geometry will help smooth any jaggies - just something to watch for - it has caught me out before! Obviously, if you are going to take a primitive shape and going to convert to water, you can ensure it has plenty of divisions / mesh density to start with... Even the reality water plane at defualt size, I like to sud divide to 1 or 2... (the more you sub divide, the more memory will be required! - see here [link] - all the caustics are naturally created by the water material!)

If you check the water images in my gallery, I have given settings for most, and you can see where I have placed a comment and the results of one or two that could do with a bit more sub division... :)
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Thanks for the heads up. I did not check the mesh when I converted the water plane that SoA2 comes with to a Lux water plane. In SoA2, it's a plane with a tiled water texture applied to it. I intentionally went with a very low ripple setting here, since I figured the water in a river through the middle of a town would be pretty calm, not a raging torrent. :)
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yes, I kind of thought that would be the case; so many times people overdo the ripple setting and it looks like a raging thresh of piranha!
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Came out looking very nice indeed!
On the daz forums, we were just talking about dynamic cloth issues around page 82 or so. It seems that certain pieces work fine, and others show seams and other nasties. If you're using collect textures, up that to the next selection. There were some other suggestions I don't recall off the top of my head, but I was dealing with seams the other day for an experimental SLG render, in which collecting textures is a must (I leave it off in everything else).
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I don't use collect textures, so it's using the full-resolution textures directly from within my runtime library. The comments I saw about people having problems with collect textures was they were letting Reality reduce the texture size (since this is the default) instead of moving the slider over to the "keep original" setting.
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