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Harbinger of Menoth

By cwgabriel
My favorite Warcaster.
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Brilliant, I love the flow of the fabrics in the flag and clothing.
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One of my favorites too :D

One wants to keep her out of melee though. Sure, Cataclysm is entertaining, but she kinda squishes like a bug ><
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this make me want magic the gathering card art made by you
com1cr3tard's avatar
Beautiful, amazing style man.
ruff1298's avatar
The adore that sunset bronze. It looks so majestic and holy, just like I'd expect from a character like her.

Excellent work on the head and hair. I'm currently studying heads and hair, and I must say, I love the very wide design with those cheeks, the cute nose, and that majestic, flowing hair. I love that single stray strand popping up against her clothing.

The cloth was wonderfully rendered. I love the silky-rough texture of the fabric, how it flowed so beautifully, and little wrinkle and fold marks.

My God, that bronze. I love the insane amount of detail put into the shoulder armor, and the flag. The way the colors just naturally meld and flow into one another gave the metal a very ethereal glow.

The light was majestic. I love the atmosphere of an old cathedral with a collapsed ceiling, especially those white swaths on the wall. When I unfocus my eyes, its almost like something evil is staring back at me from the darkness. Very well done!
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Awesome! I love your style. rly makes your work unique. I would love to see an eHaley by you
Out of curiosity, what made you decide on Warmachine? I've been itching to get in to table top gaming but I seem to always get pulled towards Warhammer 40k. I was just wondering how you ended up making the choice?

This is great by the way. You have an amazingly confident and natural line quality.
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I am still amazed of how you achieve in suck simplist and caricaturized style, such beauty and detail.
Thank you Mike.
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uhm... SUCH, not suck.
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Absolutely beautiful!
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Reminds me of the Sisters of Battle Avatar from Warhammer 40k
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very nice works.
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Seriously, I love it. You rounded her face more then her fig portrays, making her look far younger (as well as took the holy wonderbra off of her too). She seems more holy and reverant now in not being sexy.
MeganeSenpai's avatar
Love Harby! Glad to see Warmachine in a style that isn't super GRIMDARK.
ohTHATsean's avatar
I like her head. I really do.
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simply amazing
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Love the colors on this one.
Oh this is fantastic.
Melvin-Groenendijk's avatar
Getting better every time.
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Beautiful colour palette. Love it. :+fav:!
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When I see that wrap around her eyes all I can think is that
"Justice is blind"
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Man, I love your use of light and gradient shadows... beautiful.
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