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I’m so stoked – I’m from California, give me a break – to get this
going: deviantART in association with Stephen Gandy of  CameraQuest are
proud to sponsor – not my – but “the” 2006
Street Photography Shoot-Out.  

Yes, this is something I’ve always wanted to “make happen” but … you
guys should really thank both Mr. Gandy and Angelo because this would
not have happened without their excitement, enthusiasm and
participation.  When I heard both of the “yes” answers I was just
beyond.  Someone is going to be the owner of a new rangefinder and a
fast-ass lens.

That’s the good news.  The bad news is that there’s only one prize.

The grand prize:

:bulletgreen: Bessa R3A…
in Gray (US$579)
:bulletgreen: Voigtlander 40/1.4 SC (US$399) :bulletgreen: Limited
Edition Single Coat lens for B/W Voigtlander Lens Hood (US$45)
:bulletgreen: Bessa Side Grip (US$40)
:bulletgreen: Deluxe Camera Strap (US$35)
:bulletgreen: Abrahamasson Mini Soft Release (US$10)

Over US$1,100 of gear and all ya’ gotta do is impress these judges:

:bulletgreen: Chris Weeks, Photographer – Los Angeles
:bulletgreen: Patrick Kahn, Art Director of The Book LA
( – Los Angeles
:bulletgreen: Hossein Farmani, The LUCIE Awards and IPA/Farmani Gallery
( – Los Angeles
:bulletgreen: Christian Ehrhardt, Leica Camera, Marketing Manager
(…) – New York
:bulletgreen: Danielle Colella AKA $Moonbeam13, deviantatART, Dir. Of
Artist Relations ( – Toronto
:bulletgreen: Richard Hartley AKA $lolly, deviantART, Dir. of Community
Development ( Los Angeles
:bulletgreen: Stephen Gandy,
( – Los Angeles
:bulletgreen: Brent Bolthouse, Bolthouse Productions/SBE
( – Los Angeles

You have myself, Patrick, one of the best editors and layout guys of
photographic art I’ve ever met, Hossein, another amazing “eye” in the
photographic world, Christian of Leica, clown-boy who’s also known as
“Steelyard,” Miss Moonbeam, photographer and head of artist relations,
Monsieur Gandy, photographer, photographic distributor and someone with
a wealth of photographic knowledge and Brent, nightclub impresario, disk
jockey and closet rangefinder (e.g., Leica) photographer, who’s roamed
the streets of Morocco, L.A., N.Y.C. and many other parts of the world.
  My point in selecting these people was to insure the “right winner”
was chosen … someone who really deserves a brand new rangefinder and one
of the fastest lenses available.

In addition to that Grand Prize kit I’m gonna kick in a couple rolls of
the amazing AGFA APX 25 – which is no longer available.

What are we looking for?  We’re looking for “the moment” supported by
composition, which helps tell the rest of the story.  You may submit in
colour or b/w.  Film or digital.  Yes, I said digital.  You may have
read street photography article… but I’m not a hater.  ;)
Each photo – and you may only submit ONCE – must include the
exposure details and why you chose to use that combination of f/stop,
shutter speed and film or sensor rating.  Further, you MAY NOT
your photo.  The submitted photo must be shot full-frame or you
can read this “cropped in-camera.”

Submit your entry to the “Contest” category under “Street Photography
Shoot-Out" (submit -> deviation -> community projects -> contests ->
Street Photography Shoot-out

:bulletgreen: What motivated you to make the photo.
:bulletgreen: Where and When the photo was made.
:bulletgreen: Exposure information:  Camera, Lens, Shutter Speed,
f/stop, ISO
Restrictions:  In PhotoShop you may only adjust contrast,
brightness, resize but not crop, adjust levels, adjust curves, strip
saturation, use custom channel mixing and layers for converting the
photo to black & white.  No manipulations will be tolerated.  Further,
if your photograph is converted to black and white from a digital or
analogue (e.g., film) colour photo you MUST detail every step of your
workflow of how you did your conversion.

Any entries without the above will NOT be considered.

Given that all of the judges are very busy people, it is good for you
guys.  We’re going to let you submit from now until 31 November 2006
to make your best street photo.  

We’ll make our decision around middle-December of 2006 so that the grand
prize is kinda like a holiday gift as well!

Roam the streets.

Follow developing moments.


Be the ghost.

Make a crazy-ass good street photograph.


Dazzle us all.

We look forward to seeing what you do!

Good luck to you all!
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sarkastik Photographer
Everyone posting about "where are the results?!?", could you please check out the news posts, considering that winners are usually announced in a seperate post.

Click for the Contest Results
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johanishereHobbyist Photographer
lol =)
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I think we can write to their administration.. may be it would change the situation...
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dosxx Photographer
this was a strange contest, wtf is up with the results, updates woud be nice.
devtank's avatar
devtank Photographer
I think this was a fake comp. Just to get our images so they could sell them...
darin3200's avatar
that's probably the most retarded comment i've ever heard
devtank's avatar
devtank Photographer
Oh come on! Do you think that was serious? -just in case you didnt- It was a joke.
darin3200's avatar
I thought you might be kidding, but given most of the people on this site, there was a good chance you were serious.

that's why smilies are good ;)
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moejoHobbyist Photographer
any new updates?
Boru's avatar
Hi everybody. I would really like to see the results of this contest because it interests me a lot, but I can't find the results anywhere. Is't it yet decided?
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We're all waiting :cry:
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halo-monkHobbyist Photographer
still no news :(

im checking the updates every day and see nothing...starting to piss me off a little bit

perhaps check on the cameraquest website? :shrug:
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Hey folks,
so did the thing end in anything?
coffeeshutter's avatar

Hasn't ended...I think. Strange.
markelova's avatar
Yes, really! I can`t understend this too...
elsueniero's avatar
Where (and when!) the result will be available??
mojofleur's avatar
well, I'm in!

May the best photograph win!
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quick question - can it be old material?? I've got a couple of shots in mind; however I shot them a bit over 12 months ago.

Yay or nay?
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Hevioso Photographer
"We’re going to let you submit from now until 31 November 2006
to make your best street photo."

ehm exsecuse me... but... doesn't exist 31 November...
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I submitted as well... after a long consideration. Well, Medium Format photographers like to do street photos, too ;)
darkkavenger's avatar
making up my mind and removing my dev... I've got enough rangefinders already ;) but I'll accept donations of a 25/4 Voigtlander Color Skopar in Contax mount ;)
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straightfromcameraProfessional Photographer
you should re-post, and if you win, have the second place take the prize..
darkkavenger's avatar
nah it's OK, I rather have someone else get introduced to RF cameras ;)
azrael3000's avatar
who wouldn't accept that :D
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