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i've always wanted to make a photo of this dude. i see him a couple times a week after slinking down laurel canyon from the city to the 101. okay ... the 134 but its really the 101.

it's really amazing to me ... coming from someone who will ask people who are reticent having their photos taken sometimes ...

the drew barrymore's of the world, "baby ... i'm not feeling it tonight and i don't think i look great."

to the scarlett johannson's, "i just want to have a drink tonight: is it cool if i don't take a picture tonight?"

i'll ask anyone having asked people who either really want their photo taken to those who really really don't.

but this guy was cool.

kinda knew he would be.

and perhaps i have this obsession ... with making photos.

like walking up my parents driveway the other night.

i always wanted to make a proper photo of "Red," the 92 year-old neighbor next door. always there to say hello.

always there to talk about the weather.

but ... he's not there any more.

i missed my chance.

i procrastinated ...

"Red" fell down his stairs ... and really fucked himself up.

i missed my chance to always remember "Red" puttering around the backyard.

Putting out food for the squirrels.

Re-finishing some piece of furniture.

now he's in an assisted care facility.

so ... always make the photo.

always always always.

you never know when that subject you're used to being part of your personal landscape ... won't ...

be there any longer.

kinda like this guy.

glad i made the photo.

and gave him a fiver for the effort.

one frame.

one moment.

and i got a nice smile.

leica mp. 35/1.4 summilux. 1/1000th at f/2.0 (overcast day). ilford delta 400 (normal)
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Thank you for your words. I always like to hear stories which hide behind the photos. I think it's amazing how one photo can have so much meaning for someone, who caught this moment :)