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mr. pitt

i know i've moved some material i shot with the mark 2's ...

but ... i just got film back from the lab. i put a motor on one of the leica's just to shoot brad. when there are literally 75 shooters going for a shot ... shooting at relatively slow shutter speeds is not an option. i swear most of the "line photographers" ... they could literally post a fucking movie with the shots they try to make.

leica mp. 50mm/1.0 noctilux. 1000th at 1.4. ilford delta 400 (normal)
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Great pic. Saw him some weeks ago in a Film Festival.. twice :)
He was very nice and welcoming. Was waving his hand most of the time :D
but I was where the crazy crew was, so I didn't have the chance... but this is awesome :) Where was it?
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Stunning shot. I am very much impressed. Its nice to see a celebrity photographer creating beautiful art instead of creating magazine trash that will be thrown away in a day and forgotten. :D
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MP + Noct = Perfect Gear, but it also takes tremendous skill to use them (especially the noct). This is a tremendous shot, beautifully taken. Excellent work, this is a keeper!
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:wow: ............mister pitt shot with a leica........THAT'S style!....and now just guess by whom my nickname was inspired ;)
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And I bet they couldn't make a spot on focus at 1.4, without their autofocus.

A 50/1.0 lense... that's sexy, Chris.
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Its so cool. ive always wanted to see these people in person. and you do that as a job.

even though brad pitt wouldnt really on my top 20 people to meet.. id still wish i could take a photo of him.

i have a question. how much do u get paid per professional photo?
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sweet photo man definately captures him really well
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i love the effect/feeling the focus gives!
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Amazing exposure in the jacket area ;).
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oh the GORGEOUS!!!! i like..
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very nice BW pic...Sir !!! :thumbsup:
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mmm brrrrad!
he looks so handsome in that white shirt and black coat
the background really fades even more when you see him... only him... mmm
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love your gallery.. and i especially like this one a lot because he seems to be just another guy on the street when he's obviously not..
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this is when the short depth of field not only looks fantastic but it also looks a bit strange... it almost looks as though you've taken him from another shot and dropped him into this one! i think its down to the massive physical gap between him and the next thing behind him. just brings him out more.
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that is so great!
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I like Pitt. He's the real deal I think, not just a pretty face. Fucking 12 Monkeys and Fight Club man. Great stuff. Seems like a cool dude too.

I freaking love this pic, I missed it the first time around. He's just chillin' and the background is nice and blurry and pretty clean considering. Funny, he looks a bit like Travolta in this shot, the smirk or something. Or the haircut.
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The pictures I usually see of premieres are nothing like this. They're shit. This, however, is amazing. You really seem to put effort into what you do and it's obvious that your work is much more than that of a papparazzo. Well done.
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well ... most are shit. but ... believe it or not ... those shit photos are the ones that run.

not paparazzo ... i'm invited by the studios to shoot.
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Wow let me tell you something. First off, it's really cool that you get to take pictures of the most famous people in the world, but regardless, you are an extremely talented artist:!: The way you capture people, you really bring out the best in them. I really admire your work. Thank you so much for sharing it. Great great job:!:
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I really love this one, brad is soo f-ing gorgeous!

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