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little miss ellen paige...

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i was the staff shooter for icm. icm is a big hollywood agency. one can really tell alot about who is liked, kinda liked and not cared about by table assignments.

must be a fucked up reality for some.

the celery root and braised duck soup was fucking amazing. too bad dinner wasn't served at 4.20, eh?

i see the name ellen paige on a table that was better than costner's. who the fuck is that? really. odd. i find out that she was in "hard candy" is currently unsigned in the states and she's being courted hard-fucking-core.

we had a strange conversation about geese, aspartame and b/w photography.

i talked to her like she was 13.

she caught on and promptly advised she was 18.

there are some fucking people. really. you put them in your viewfinder and fucking magic happens. they light up the already bright viewfinder. they explode. they love. seeing their reflection in your lens.

dunno what it is really ... but this girl ... just wait ... watch ...

big big things.

i know it.

canon eos 1d mark 2 with 24-70/2.8L. 800 iso. 160th at 2.8 or 3.2. converted to b/w using custom actions in ps cs. scrimmed natural light camera right. foam coar camera left and down a bit.
Image size
1100x767px 104.27 KB
Canon EOS-1D Mark II
Shutter Speed
1/166 second
Focal Length
70 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jan 25, 2005, 3:30:07 PM
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KingOfSoul81 Traditional Artist
You called it in 2005 man.  "Big big things"
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purpleumpa10Student General Artist
She is Big Things. I'm a fan. She's cute too.
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love the photo! But... her last name has no "i" in it. Its Page. just thought you should know.
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Like you said... some people just explode into beautifulness... No exception here...
action-figure-opera's avatar
I think you mean "no INCEPTION here". Ba-dum psh!
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ffgoldensunHobbyist Traditional Artist
And yes, you were so right. Big big things
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photofairy General Artist
i love her, i agree, she'll be awesome
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photo-buffStudent General Artist
You are so right.
She's beautiful; and she oozes ... something. Something unexplainable.

Well done sir. This is my favourite of yours. You captured something I've always wanted to capture but never quite worked out how to get there.

I'm jealous! :P

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xneverxmindxHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this photograph so much. She was in my favourite television series, the Trailer Park Boys for several episodes back in 2002 and that was when I first took notice of her, then she sort of went away, and when I found out that she was going to be in Juno I couldn't believe it was that young girl I had taken a liking to six years ago!
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<3 I love Ellen page and she looks sooo young in that picture. She has this innocence that surrounds her in this shot. One of the best close ups I've seen. I loved her in Hard candy and Juno. She should be in more stuff, she's awesome!
ViaNox-max's avatar
amazing actress and amazing shot aswell :P
Day-Dreamer07's avatar
I loved Ellen in Hard Candy. :)

I agree that she is going to be big, there's just something about her.. :)

Astonishing capture of her, btw. :aww:
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My god, I love Ellen Paige and I love this photo.
Tote-Bag's avatar
Haha look at her now. 'Juno' was amazing.
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carlotta-guidicelli Traditional Artist
It's funny how right you were about her...I just watched her in American Crime, and wow. That's actually what caught my attention.

Do you have any rules or anything about people drawing your photos? Because I'd really like to draw this...If you don't, I'm sorry for bothering you :)
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Oh I love Ellen Page!
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she was realy mad in "hard candy", but she's so pretty... :)

great shot.
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I always find it funny when people say, "Juno made Ellen Page," because Ellen Page made Juno.
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and now she's gigantic in the biz
i love this shot

but she was 18 in hardy candy?!
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I feel like an imbecile commenting on your photos. What can I say that hasn't been said? All the same, this is probably one of the best closeups I've seen.

I love that look she has. She has such an innocent face, but that tiny hint of a smirk suggests she's not all that innocent. Or maybe that's just how she smiles. Either way, Ellen Paige is adorable.
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How right you are.

Wait so she's already 20 something now? o_o
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jjakecHobbyist Traditional Artist
lol. you were right.
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"dunno what it is really ... but this girl ... just wait ... watch ...
big big things.
i know it."

Bravo on calling that one. I randomly happened to be in her first film, a little TV movie called "Pit Pony." Who would have guessed then she was going to make it big.Kudos to her for making it, coming from Nova Scotia haha, and cheers to you Chris for taking this lovely portrait. Very Ellen.
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I love it! Everytime i go to work and turn on my pc i see this portrait as the wallpaper and it puts a smile on my face.
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