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b and her little friend c ... by cweeks b and her little friend c ... by cweeks
i walk in to my parent's place.

b's there already. sitting on the couch. mac on her lap. her doggy on the armrest.

"your present is on the table; open it."

i told her i needed to eat something or i was going to pass-the-hell-out.

didn't say hell ... but i thought it.

i'm really good about daughter-mode and what my brain thinks and my mouth says...

i wolf down whatever it was that i was eating.

b helps me with the fries and mustard.

she couldn't believe she loved mustard on fries.

she brings over the present ...

i unwrap it...

all the while i could tell there was anxious anticipation ...

it was phaidon's "The Photo Book."

and i was thrilled.

i mean i love the handmade stuff she likes to make me ...

but ... this took thought ...

and a trip to the book store.

she says, "there was this one ... with italian photos but it wasn't like even half as big. i thought you'd like this."

i didn't just like it...

i loved it ...

i felt where that love came from ...

and it feels amazingly nice.

i love the word amazing. ;)

not so hot on awesome but amazing is just ... well ... amazing.

so ... we looked at it together.

on the couch.

we talked about her friend's bday party this coming weekend.

she said, "remember last year you took me to the last day of school at (name of school deleted for privacy)? Wanna take me to school next friday?

and pick me up?"

i'm sure you all know the answer.

i tell her that a camera just came back from repair ... and i have this routine of almost always making a photo of her first.

i said the light would be just right at about 17.30 ... and would she help me test it ...

she smiled.

we grabbed a couple towels to put on the grass.

she put chi-chi on a leash ...

and we went and played.

it's no different than playing with joline or nicole or paris or anyone else i play with sometimes ...

but .. just so much more rewarding.

the light was nice and flat ...

a bit of breeze.

chi-chi enjoyed the grass.

not that kind of grass.

you know the kind...

and ... we made a photo ...

yet another ... but ... they're all incredibly special to me.

perhaps not even as special to her grandparents who love her as much as any grandparents could ...

but ... it was OUR little moment ...

in the hazy sun ...

on the grass.

backlit, of course.

she thought it was cute.

canon eos1dm2. 85/1.2L. 1/640th at f/4.0 (yeah, i can shoot at something other than the max aperture). 200 iso. converted to b/w in ps cs using custom channel mixing actions. the new program i'm trying LightZone .. haven't quite figured a way to do what i'm used to doing with PS.
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heathermarie73 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013
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afreespirit Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2008
You've been featured:[link]

waydownhere Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2008   Writer
You have a beautiful daughter. And I really admire the kind of relationship you have with her.:)
Stiiiiiiiiiina Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2008
Beautiful daughter:)
Beautiful picture..
T-R-I-T-O-N Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2008   Photographer
Very very good portrait!
I-Love-My-Chihuahua Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2008
Wow I love it!!
RepublicofDesire Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great pic a kinda of double portrait of the dog and the girl caputuring both their characters and the nature of their love.
maheytael Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2007
This one (and the description) made me nearly cry.

I dont have a daughter. But I feel the same for my father. ;-)
pjfra Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2007
As just told above: the colored one should be better...probably
I'm spending all my afternoon on your gallery, man
yellow911 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2006   Photographer
.....touching, mate......the pics good too.........
greenfroggies Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2006   General Artist
you really love her :)
peanut09 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2006   Photographer
Beautiful story and photo
cweeks Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2006
ConvenienceStore Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2006
I know you're quite used to hear this, but your daughter is very cute. Regarding the photograph, it couldn't be more tender, I could squeeze those two. :)
BeBaka Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2006   Photographer
Sweet... your realtioship seems to be very close... I wish I could have it wish my father, too.
myrnajacobs Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2006  Professional Photographer
simply adorable!
jesst7 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2006
gorgeous photo :)
leolia Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2006
cute :aww:
NiraGonzalez Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2006  Professional Photographer
kweenphreekv Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2006
Out of the last dozen (plus) photos I've added of yours, THIS is my favorite!! The photo and story truly touched me. Your daughter is beautiful.
cweeks Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2006
ah ... thank you!
kweenphreekv Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2006
you're welcome

sean723 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2006
could it get any better?
ForgottenBliss Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2006
Absolutely gorgeous (as is the rest of your gallery)


Congratulations =)
ParaCentric Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2006
Again and again, the psychology behind your inspiring reationship with your daughter is so unquestionably real that it feels at once both edifying and dangerous. Your ability to generate and cultivate and nuture your unique perspective is your greatest talent, Chris.
BlackCore-RaiseHell Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2006
A wonderful capture of your daughter and Chi Chi. ;-)
DorOthY-ShoEs Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2006
just because of this picture..
just because of B and C ....
just because this pic is just so true.....
just because...

scarletarts Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
I love this photo for all the reasons you mentioned in your description, but mostly I'm just fascinated with that dog's expression.

I wish they could talk :)
cweeks Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2006
i'm surprised they don't talk to you...

you're still hearing "those voices" right?
scarletarts Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
You're just jealous because the voices only talk to me.
missbecca Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2006
chihuahuas are my favourite.
this shots adorable.
katherineamelia Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2006
thats really sweet :)
mystiqu3 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2006
omg for some reason i just LOVE this one. it's beautiful
oceangirl Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2006
sounds like you had the perfect birthday any father could have hoped for :)
BlackCatsAngel Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2006
This is the best shot I think I have ever seen from you....Because it is of something important to you - you hurt when she hurts, and when she cries your heart bleeds too....... I will wlays see your photos of your little girl as your best creations yet...... Great work my friend!
lucky-charm Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2006
this is very sweet !
i love the look on the dog ! :)
great worrk mr. cweeks !
silverblue-acid Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2006
aww you and your daughter have such a great relationship, it's amazing!
and the word amazing is pretty amazing, eh?

fantastic photo btw!
mikeizer44 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2006
oriental-dragon Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2006
backlighting is always nice. :)
jaded-too Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2006
Very nice capture!
bule Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2006   Photographer
this shot had to be pure magic.

i hope you got it printed. large.
DeadTulips Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2006
You know... your daughter has something very striking about her... something in her eyes... makes a wonderful subject...

and your pup... not so bad either... =)

Nice shot Chris... it'll make a wonderful keepsake.
synesthesiac Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2006
I feel like I've been watching her grow up for ages now. It's so bizarre thinking about the fact that I can actually say 'she's getting so big' about a complete stranger's daughter.

I have far too many people on my watch list... but you're the only one I actually get excited about.
wise1sush Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2006
and that is just fucking amazingly're one lucky man Chris you have that bond is priceless...some people dont realise it till they miss it...
Fused0001 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2006
Very nice. I like the compstion of this alot.
sevenwillow Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2006  Professional General Artist
very nice story :) your daughter is lovely and I normally hate chi(however you spell that) but this little one is pretty damn cute :D
eduardofrench Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2006   Photographer
The chain of momments you had that day is as you say, Amazing, the words of a loving father indeed, the photo is beautiful, the light is gorgeous, your daughter and her friend have that expression of fullfilment of happiness, I cant put the right word, but you know what I mean :D
amazingly amazing photo of an amazing family just to put it in your words :giggle:
Argocat8 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
Such a wonderfully touching description to go with a beautiful photo. I can just imagine how this photo was made.
Fathers and daughters can have this amazing're very lucky you are

really love the DOF (blurry grass and soft bokeh just lend that quiet summery evening feel)

and then you say chi-chi enjoyed the grass. not that kind of grass. and nearly make me spit muesli all over my Cinema Display :giggle:
hey that's weird, I went to a bar called Chi-Chi last night :O
psychogizmo Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
I love that dog...
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