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and she sleeps ...



or she was just on her way ...

and she doesn't mind some "guy with a camera" ... sniping photos whilst she's on her way ...

and she looks lovely.

whether it's in her bedroom.


in a car.

on a plane.

in a shuttle.

seeing her walk back toward me.

across from me at nostro ristorante ...

she's just lovely.

and she may not be feeling at the top of her game today.

so says her text.

but ... there's that underlying "her" which just endears my heart to her ...



and with me ...

we have a we ...

that i can't wait to have ...

all of the fucking time.

and for a girl who didn't like photographs ...

she ends up with a camera geek.

the irony.

for when i was looking through photos this morning and afternoon -- as she may have been doing a couple hundred miles away -- i saw this photo ...

and it reminded me that i didn't get to wake up next to her this morning.

and as much as i love the life i have ...

going to have a long-coffee with friends ...

a lazy los angeles afternoon ... amongst the self-employed and

all i could think about was the fact i didn't wake ...

from sleep ...

next to this amazing woman.

stupid january.

that's what she said.

stupid january.

not january jones.

the month.

not the actor.

most actors are ick.

not I.C.K.


i don't even know what I.C.K. would stand for.

then again, more producers are ick than actors.

and agents definitely are more ick than them.

and I.C.K. is not the name of some alphabet house talent agency.

she even calls me ick in the most endearing way.

but how can the "nicest guy in hollywood" be ick?


and i'm on the way to go pick up B. and get some food. then chill with C.

and J., my someone ...

she's like 200 miles away -- it's more but i don't like to think that it is -- and the only thing i'd like more ...

is to have b and c and j ...

in one place.

but soon.


stupid january.

stupid stupid stupid january.

because at this moment all i want to hear is "a lot, a lot" whispered in my ear.

stupid january.

stupid work.

stupid responsibilities.

for i just want to be one step closer to walking over cold stones ...

with an espresso in hand ...

a smile in my heart.

to walk over to a bed ... wheverer we are ...

and see this beautiful girl ...

peacefully slumbering.

because she's even more amazing when she wakes.

in the morning.

or afternoon.

or in the middle of the night.



and i gotta go.

leica m8. noctilux 50/1.0 at f/2.0. 1/15th. iso 640. b/w mode. levels adjusted. +8 contrast.
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Dec 23, 2006, 4:40:51 AM
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