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Street Photography ...

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for the Purist.

yes, it's been a while. yes, this little project actually took on a life of its own.

yes, it's a 160 page .pdf.

and, yes, i'd like to thank some people for their collaboration, contribution and encouragement ...


i think my document is richer because of the involvement of the aforementioned.


i'm sure it could use an edit. what-the-fuck-ever.

i'm tired of looking at it.

it's as good as it's going to get given what i've got goin' on.

it's convoluted.

there are no chapters.

there are asides.

snarky comments.

it's a leica-slash-rangefinder lovefest.

all that.

but ... in the end .. this document ... besides the forewards by some of my dA-friends ... it's me.



ya' know.

maybe you don't.

it was written with a certain audience in mind ... and the members of that audience know me...

so ...

i hope it helps in your quest for the evolution of the moment ...

not the decisive one ...

just the evolution ...

and ...

remember ...

take your camera and film everywhere.

be the photo geek.

it's all good!

let me know what you think. good or bad.

tutto friggin' bene!
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Very inspiring work. Thank you
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EnterNewUsernameHobbyist Photographer
thank you for offering this for free to the deviantArt community, that is very kind and unselfish....i am enjoying perusing your human condition efforts, i try to drink in the photo and not go to your text and dialogue in an automated are intriguing......i hope you do very well in you life :)
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The link to the book is up the top right of the screen.

It took me a while to find it...
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trying to figure out what to click to download!
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JaiAnarkaliProfessional Traditional Artist
This is GREAT! Beautiful work and so inspirational!
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Thank you can download a book about street photography.
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Kaz-DHobbyist Photographer
You've been featured in Photography Weekly Edition Fourteen
Please favourite it if you enjoyed it!
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really like it
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I really like your book!
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Thanks a lot :)
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It is really beautiful. And the contrast between the loving couple and the lonely person is great; it gives you the feeling of both sides and somehow you feel happy for the couple but sad for the other person. However, as the other person is reading, in a way, it gives you the feeling that he may not be alone because through reading he is in connection with others and therefore not alone. On the other hand, he does not seems to be desperate so he may be waiting for someone to come.

THe picture allows to give several interpretations and I think that's great!
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it's cool, but I don't really like it somehow. i think something is missing. but i don't really know what is it. no offense
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itslouiefaundo Photographer
nice shot here!
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MissTabbyGreyHobbyist Traditional Artist
It is very interesting. But less flaming and rambling about other people would have made this even more valuable and nicer to read. It formed a very unpleasant opinion of your character while reading, and I think if you put so much love in a project, you should try and focus on the content, and not the rage against other opinions.
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Looking forward to reading it! Thanks for letting it loose on its own! :D
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Thank you so much!
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purist? Hahahaha yeah right.
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brhood Interface Designer
Thanks for sharing Chris. Loved your passion, photography and no compromise :)
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just downloaded the file, love it, man. well done
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farazkhwajaStudent Photographer
Thought i should let you know, this is roaming around on torrents and link sites...
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