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Street Magician: The Photography of Chris Weeks

Street Magician: The Photography of Chris Weeks

  →  The Street Photography of Chris Weeks   `techgnotic (   by techgnotic ( It was only after many long frustrating hours of trying to describe what’s so special about the photographs of cweeks ( That I finally realized I was trying to describe something that wasn’t there. I finally realized that the magical something that sets cweeks (’ works apart from others is that his camera disappears. There is no sense as you look at his photos of street scenes and other captures that you are looking through a lens, even the lens of a particularly talented photographer.  There is a sense of simply walkin


time square serene...

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i know i don't post much here.  but i'm posting very often on my tumblr page. hope everyone is well!  i'm still making photos all over the world. feel bad not posting here but tumblr allows me to "queue up" photos and basically put it on autopilot.  i can also share them really big, too.  something i can't even do on my own blog. besides ... the long-form blog is dead. ;) cheers from la-la-land!

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happy 10th birthday

happy 10th birthday

still can't believe this place is 10 years old.  the 10th birthday celebration was at the house of blues.  in between puppy training we went to see what it was all about.  the first thing i saw were llamas on a red carpet... wow ... i forgot that i have to use html code to post.  not used to that as the blog is different.  decided not to put this on the blog as it's way more relevant here. they launched something called ... um ... muro.  i'm assuming it's a drawing tool/program. they had panels discussing stuff. i guess a lot of people send post cards to hq. muro works with a wacom i think. there was a room where people made stuff. uns

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:wave: hope you are staying safe and well over there

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what's that veteran metal thing by your name
you have my favorite and the cutest emote !
I will pee on your cushions  I will pee on your cushions  I will pee on your cushions 
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