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Wrong Eye

By cwalton73
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The last of the Minion warlocks from Hordes: Metamorphosis, Wrong Eye is a powerful magician of the swamps. Considered crazy and blood thirsty even by other Gatormen, Wrong Eye marches of to fortune and war with his massive 'gator beast Snapjaw. By wicked juju magic or crushing jaws, many have fallen to the predations of this duo.

This guy was awesome to do. Top hat. Check. Voodoo dolls. Check. Bottle of rum. Check. Bird Companion. Check. Yep, all components for crazy kewl present. Hope you all enjoy 'im!
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I agree with the "all components for crazy kewl present" the guy looks just plain insane mixed with some slight bit of creepy...But I like it nonetheless.
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DaveSchultzProfessional Traditional Artist
My friend got him and snap jaw for me for my birthday last year, he was a blast to paint, one of my favorite models by far. You did an amazing job. Do you have any concept are of the Bone Shangglers or the new Minions Bog Trog caster?
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Really awesome man.
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"Spirit" world...

...GET IT?!

But after seeing my BF's Hordes stuff...this guy is definitely my favourite by far.
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DaveSchultzProfessional Traditional Artist
I like how his coat is made of human skin, he's such a bad ass.
I really need to pick him and snap jaw up.
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BobaFerretHobbyist Photographer

Damn you, now I'm gonna need to paint my Gatormen...
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He's almost like a Gator Baron Samedi...
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silentjosh847 Digital Artist
The amount of character put into this design is just jaw-dropping.
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I love this guy. He reminds me of home.
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"Genuine human skin coat!" LOL! I loved this guy when I saw him in this months' No Quarter; I should have known you were the man behind his craziness. ;)
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fdiskartProfessional Digital Artist
Kick ass! Love the design and I really dig his over sized left eye. Where can I get a genuine human skin coat like that? I asked at Burlington Coat Factory and was asked to leave.
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Oh my god
THIS is my new favorite thing you've ever created.
Ill be buying the model the day its available
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Great work again :)
can't wait to use them in my army
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VranzTheBlightedHobbyist Digital Artist
I love it! Especially the adnotation about rum xD
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Badgz0r Writer
I absolutely love it. I look at this guy and can imagine the 'gator from the animated "Peter Pan" standing up and making rude gestures at Captain Hook while cussing him out with a Cajun accent.

"Y'all pinkskins gwine ta fine yase'ves a bit o' trouble in dis heah Swamp, I gey-roooon-tee!"
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I am extremely down with the idea of a Baron Samedi-esque Gatorman. Very cool! The bird companion for dental hygiene is my favourite touch. :)
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AK-Is-HarmlessHobbyist Traditional Artist
And here I thought Rorsch was the coolest Minion Warlock. This guy is ten times cooler. He's a bayou badass. :D

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SebbythefreakProfessional Filmographer
He'd make a great TMNT villain xD
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And if there was any doubt which minion warlock I'm going to include in my Circle army, now all doubt has been erased! LOVE THIS DESIGN!
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Great stuff! Here's hoping let you design some more Gatormen models.

I'd love to include this guy in my Hordes army, but I'm worried that I'd spend the entire game talking in a fake cajun accent.
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BenHassadHobbyist Traditional Artist
Brilliant work... as always. So much details, superb :)
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Yes! A crazy eye! I love those. And I'd totally do an all-gatorman army if I could.
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ines666Hobbyist Photographer
Crocodiles ROCK!!!! The craziest unit in game now has a lesser warlock!

Go crocodiles!!!!!
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FStitzProfessional General Artist
Great job man! On him as well as his beast!
Can't wait to get them. :D
For me he is the coolest Minion Warlock and he has a living toothbrush!
Gatormen for the win! :D
Love all his details!
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