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Stormspyre Streets 1

By cwalton73
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Yerg. I hate perspective. And I totally copped out with not putting any people in this...

But I'm trying...
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Amazing work !
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BilboobliBProfessional Artisan Crafter
Man ! The cityscape looks great.
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BenHassadHobbyist Traditional Artist
Great work. Also without any people ;).
voi's avatar
man you should show some of your drawings to lucasarts or something, this picture would totally suit the Monkey Island franchise.

get onboard i say.
Nim41's avatar
No people? No problem. Lets just say it's for gathering the attention on the landscape. which is great!
mhowley01's avatar
Good to see that you also have skill with landscapes. A necessary element of any comic artist.
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justicefrogProfessional Digital Artist
I would LOOOOVE to be able to draw environments like this... Excellent work! :D (The small baskets and winches are insane! who thinks of details like that??? :) awesome)
imsj's avatar
however, must have stolen some of your time! :P
well spent time on this, it's good! really good... ;)

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Love it! I was thinking a few days ago about painting something similar to you mind if I add some colors to it?
cwalton73's avatar
Go for it!
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justinwongartProfessional Digital Artist
Wow, nice environment. Nice style and imperfections in there....lovely.
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DawidFrederikProfessional Digital Artist
true, the perspective is a bit wonky, BUT DAMN do you fake it well mate! It's like, perspective in your style! It's crazy!
I love this!
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great work..:clap:
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Peng-PengProfessional Digital Artist
wow! ur details are crazy insane! i have much to learn.
cop-out? i would think the people would be the easiest thing to draw. u did the hard part already! :aww:
this looks wonderful!
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I've got to find some time to put people in. I've got it roughed out and I think it'll really kick it up.
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Peng-PengProfessional Digital Artist
flippin sweet! can't wait to see! :excited:
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And there I was amazed with the other drawing of the street... This one is even better :O
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ZEBES Digital Artist
that's a GREAT drawing man. And perspective is nicely done here
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Thanks. I dunno, the perspective is little wonky...I just hide it by layering lottsa details over it...sort of an "ignore the man behind the sheet"-type thing.
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ZEBES Digital Artist
hahaha I often do that.... hehehe
but great work anyway =D
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fdiskartProfessional Digital Artist
Impressive cop-out work, sir.
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I've got a quick layout done for some figures in the scene...Hopefully I can find some time to do them, cuz I think they'll really make the piece...
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rather nice, even for a copped-out drawing...
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