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High Exemplar Gravus

"The epitome of his order, High Exemplar Sarvan Gravus shirks from no order, no matter how bloody, and has shattered the weak flesh of Devourer worshipers, Cygnaran soldiers, and every other enemy of his faith. Men decades his junior struggle to match his energy as Gravus rides with his Venger cavalry to where the battle rages fiercest and breaks whatever foe he meets."

Ah, everybody seemed to hate this model. :P I think he looks cool...

I guess what really left me scratching my head were the two complaints that he shouldn't have his face showing and that he's armed with a flail...a bunch of Menite models have exposed faces (Deliverers, Daughters of the Flame, Vilimon, both Paladins of the Wall, the Idrians...and those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head...)...and the flail...well the first ever High Exemplar debuted to the pulic was armed with...a flail. You may have heard of him...a friendly little fellow named Kreoss. :) Last I checked the two weapons associated with Menoth were the sword and the flail.

Well, I'm in your corner Gravus!

Maybe just me, though.
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I think Gravus is a great model, and the concept art is fantastic. If every sergeant in the army wears no helmet, it gets a bit silly. However he's, as you say, one of just a few characters who don't cover their face. He's earned the right to have his face uncovered through his sheer badassery.