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Coup de Grace

Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios now with Kung-Fu grip.

For No Quarter Magazine, the Gavyn Kyles File article.
Image Copyright Privateer Press. won't let me submit it with little accent over the "a"... coup de grâce... retardo...
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attack0nt33tan's avatar
Awesome pose! I love your artwork :D
TheEmeraldMasquerade's avatar
Love the pose. Awesome work.
Forgelord91's avatar
I love this work.
Sweet, so sweet. Thanks for sharing.
Scumdog47's avatar
A great picture, a fun mini to paint! :)
AzraelusGuy's avatar
Impressive dynamism... and details looks great:)
Montalve's avatar
awesome fluidity
great image
Coidzy's avatar
now tha's a tight, flexible quiver she's got there.
KharnTheInsane's avatar
I love Eiryss :)... it was also a good job to paint her epic version:)
Narzhuk's avatar
gaiascully's avatar
crazy amazing and full of badassity!
LordMiste's avatar
Excelent work:)perfekt actione.
Marconi-Freeman's avatar
I hope she's not in Matrix time, because all her arrows would fall out. Then where would she be?! Dead, I tell ya, dead... of course she would still have that nasty blade.
Angryaeisia's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous, great work.
igorvet's avatar
one of the best scenes on whole DA!
AdmiralFlapPlak's avatar
Have you ever heard of Wayne Reynolds, He's an artist for some DnD books I've read. Your Stuff reminds a lot of his stuff, Which is awesome because I love the way both yours and his stuff looks!
cwalton73's avatar
I know Wayne's work well. Its hard to be in this industry and not, he's very talented. I hope to be as good as him eventually. Thanks for the compliment!
Overlord9611's avatar
Eiryss!!!!! One of my favorite characters in all of Warmachine!. I love her and The butcher... there are more but it has been so long i forget most of them.
Vladdyboy's avatar
I'm faving this, no comment, she looks way to much like a character in my DnD game and you're über awesome for making this! Coup de grace... Dude! you're the McPwnage!
Rob-Jedi's avatar
Has a great 300 kind of feel to it. Will that be a cover for No Quarter?
Creaux's avatar
I really liked opening up No Quarter and seeing this pic. It conveys the serene beauty in the midst of a hellish fight excellently!
PhoenixFury666's avatar
it looks like a world of warcraft blood elf
StrangeZab's avatar
omg this is insanely good! i am actually lost for words...other then that previous sentance :P
azngarrett's avatar
what a badass, she fights with a sword and a crossbow in the other hand
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