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Absylonia Legion Warlock

By cwalton73
Absylonia, Terror of Everblight

"The gift of a fragment of Everblight's athanc generally brings subtle changes in Nyss, whose essence the dragon has studied exhaustively. Absylonia is different. Her blighted transformation continues to reshape her flesh, and there is no sign that she will ever settle into a stable form. She is a unique embodiment of Everblight, a creature who can adapt her flesh and bones to suit her needs."

The new Legion of Everblight warlock from the latest Hordes book, Hordes: Metamorphosis. I'll try and update each new faction warlock over the next couple of days.
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One of my favourite warlocks!=)

Brilliant character design and love the "real life" model; if you can say that?o.O
MadCheshie's avatar
Honest first reaction: HOLY HELL! I love her arms! Fantastic as always...
binkibonsai's avatar
Now this is a bad-ass snow elf
MystiqueX's avatar
Your concepts are all amazing, but I guess this one is my favorite of all... for now at least :D
FalseMind's avatar
I must say, my favorite part is the fact that she pierces her carapace on her left shoulder.

Got a little rebel in this one!
BlakStarr's avatar
Beautiful. Amazing. Well done.
Pilgrim12345's avatar
Shes is wonderful and deadly, like an Alien from Giger
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Looks really nice!
Great job
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Gulp! Wouldn't like to have a fight with that. :-(
fdiskart's avatar
Interesting concept.
adiga-rodin's avatar
VranzTheBlighted's avatar
She's the prettiest of the all Nyss warlocks...
Coriousedz's avatar
woaaaaaa, niceeeee job dude.
AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
Sweet, I was waiting for some more Metamorphosis concept sketches. She looks great! :nod:

ines666's avatar
She is our new evil woman! I can't wait for model to get out and to paint her :D
myxomy's avatar
Murasaki99's avatar
Yikes! Nothing like having a bit of dragon in your body! :omfg:
urworstnytemare's avatar
LiLMissBossy's avatar
III LIkkkkeeee and i like the description
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