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The World Ends with You ::03

By Cvy
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Nomura teases fans over at twitter awhile back by hinting there might be a sequel to Subarashiki kono sekai. YAY.


The World Ends with You すばらしきこのせかい
*Cvy as Neku, costume made by me.
with ~Reiyu-verse as Joshua

Photo taken by :iconitismoi:
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Does anyone have any idea of what the fabric the shirt is made out of? It looks really nice and if I could find out what it is, I would be delighted. 
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where to buy the wig?
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Where did you get the wig? I'm planning on cosplaying Neku and it would be a great help if you could tell me! ^^
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That costume is fantastic.
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One of my favorite games.
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Amazing~! I love this game soooo much! 
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Hi I'm planning on making a Neku cosplay for PAX East (video game convention in Boston, Massachusetts,) next April, and I think you did an absolutely fantastic job for this, so I had a few questions to ask you, which I really hope you could answer.
1. What exactly did you for the shoes? They aren't in the picture, so I have no idea if you actually did them or not (I'm pretty clueless as to what to do with the shoes really.)
2. Did you make the headphones yourself from scratch, or did you buy a pair of cheap headphones and then did some work on them to make them into Neku's headphones? (I'm hoping to get some working headphones, then spray paint them or something to make them look like Neku's headphones. I have every TWEWY album on my iPod, and I'd hope to be running around PAX with some awesome music.)
3. This question isn't going to effect my cosplay really, this is just my curiosity: Did you get some pins from the game to go with the cosplay? I already have bought a few sets of pins to tote around with me so...I'm just curious what you did.
4. Another curious question that, again, won't effect my cosplay much: Did you perhaps get a cell phone that looked like Neku's phone? That is the least of my worries for my cosplay, but I'm just curious if you did it.

Thanks ahead of time if you answer any of these questions, I really appreciate it, and hope I can make my cosplay look anywhere close to as good as yours is!
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Omg It look so real!!!!!
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Very good job!!
I'm impressed!! You almost looks like him!
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There'd better be a sequel! So this awesome saga can continue~...and you can provide lovely cosplay visuals. I wish I could cosplay -- in general, honestly. Lack of funds is the main problem, which branches down to lack of supplies, equipment, and other things. I'm jealous merely of your capability, but it's nice to see your success in rockin' out loud! You go, girl!
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woah... it looks real.
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i love this game so much nice cosplay
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Wow, awesome!!!
I just started playing the game again =D
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WOOOOW O___O ese cosplay esta sorprendente
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Wow I love this! Excellent cosplay!
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this is so cool!~:3
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